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Topic: Mark Traversoni - redefining the role of he dealer
Message: Posted by: Jamie Ferguson (May 16, 2015 05:41AM)
It's about time Mark Traversoni was given full credit and recognition for the effort he is making to set new standards for the next generation of dealers.

In a recent thread on Latest & Greatest he stated he will seek to provide honest information about products, separate from the supplied ad copy and trailer. He has had enough of dishonesty in the marketing of products.

He has already been demonstrating this via his posts on this forum.

How many other dealers are willing to take such a stand? I can't think of one.

Let's support Mark by supporting his business.

Buy from Saturn Magic.
Message: Posted by: Roki (Feb 11, 2016 12:44PM)
I totally agree. I would always buy from Mark and can be sure he will be honest before the sale and give great tips and improvements after the sale. Dishonesty and misrepresentation is so common in magic that I believe the days of the magic dealer are numbered. The exposers will become the good guys.
Btw Mark does not expose but will answer the questions a worker wants to know .