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Topic: Dove magic
Message: Posted by: magicsecure (May 16, 2015 06:34PM)
I'm interested in dove magic. I know how it's done but is there any long or short term harm that comes to the doves when doing sertent tricks like dove from balloon the popping sound it self? Are there any tricks to stay away from due to harm?

I have seen fire productions go worng any info is appreciated. Before I go into doing trick with animals I think of them before myself.
Message: Posted by: MVoss (May 18, 2015 08:17AM)
Well doves are very delicate animals and need to be handled with care. Though that goes for any live animal. They can also have an adverse effect on your health as a performer if you're not careful.
Message: Posted by: googoodolls (Jun 2, 2015 09:58PM)
You will have too clean the cage daily. I've talked to magician that landed in the hospital because he did dove magic, I believe I talked too him in 2005. so its been a while since I worked with doves. But yeah hope that helps.
Message: Posted by: GS121002 (Jun 4, 2015 03:50AM)
Aaaaah..... Now I know why all those doves at the dove retirement home in Las Vegas are wearing hearing aids...... Victims of the [i]Dove from Balloon[/i] illusion.
Message: Posted by: magicsecure (Jun 4, 2015 05:34PM)
I know your joking but I try never to pormote animal abuse in any way shape or form even by ignorance. I always make sure before I do anything I know what I'm doing but none the less funny