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Topic: Video Selection
Message: Posted by: wikiro (Jun 21, 2002 09:19AM)
I finally got money to buy any video or dvd and I dont know what to choose can anyone give me advise?
Im going for Jeff Mcbrides Card manipulation volume one unless my mind is changed by any of you.:bg:

Wikiro :dance:
Message: Posted by: Jim Morton (Jun 21, 2002 09:36AM)
For any of us to answer that question, we will first need to know what types of magic you are most interested in learning, and how much you already know. If you are an absolute beginner, then I'm not sure the McBride videos are the best place to start.

Message: Posted by: wayman (Jun 21, 2002 09:48AM)
If its Cards or Coins or general magic then I think all will reconmend the Easy to Master Series by Michael Ammar.

He breaks everything down in detail with descriptions that you will understand.

It is hard not to learn techniques or routines from Michael.
Message: Posted by: wikiro (Jun 21, 2002 12:21PM)
Im a card, fire, coins and origami kind of guy :dance:

You couldnt tell? :mad:
Hehe just kiding :baby:

Wikiro :bunny:
Message: Posted by: Hannes (Jun 21, 2002 06:47PM)
why would you like to buy videos? Why don't you buy books? They are not so expensive and you get much more material and routines and in my opinion better descriptions...
Message: Posted by: wikiro (Jun 21, 2002 08:00PM)
I'm not what you call a good reader and I have got books to last me for a long time ;)

-Most of Jean Hugards books
-Cyclopedia to Card Magic: A complete course
-And a good deal of online books like Expert at the card table, Paper magic, and other old out of date books


Tomorrow I'm going to order Jeff McBride, I need tips and FAST! :rolleyes:

Also What are some good books that I should buy?
Message: Posted by: Hannes (Jun 22, 2002 01:12AM)
You haven't already said, what you are interested in exactly. If you are interested in close up magic, the McBride videos are not the right thing. If you are interested in manipulations and you want to develope your own new stage act and you need to know everything about manipulations of coins, balls, cards and thimbles, the McBride videos are exactly what you are looking for.
I cannot say which books you should buy.

My favourites are:
Royal road to card magic
Card college
Secrets of Brother John Hamman
Jennings 67
Art of Astonishment
Annemans Card Magic

But what's right for you depends on what you are interested in exactly
Message: Posted by: wikiro (Jun 22, 2002 04:38AM)
Close-up is my favorite. :bg:

Wikiro :dance:
Message: Posted by: Earl (Jun 22, 2002 09:05AM)

If you can buy a book, I'd also recommend Worlds Beyond by Paul Curry. It's a very good book, mainly on card magic.

See: http://www.themagiccafe.com/archive1/viewtopic.php?topic=655&forum=29

Message: Posted by: Dennis Loomis (Jun 22, 2002 11:30AM)
For close up with cards, I suggest you buy the series of "Card College" books by Roberto Giobbi.

For a great collection of close up card magic, I agree with a prior post: the Mike Ammar Easy to Master Card Miracles has a lot of killer magic.

If you really want to get into sleight of hand with cards, then Daryl's Encyclopedia of Card Sleights is invaluable.
Message: Posted by: Dan Farmer (Jun 22, 2002 12:14PM)
Hey Wikiro to chime in with the other guys, if closeup is your bag than the McBride videos will not have a whole lot of useful stuff (although volume 1 is mostly flourishes (Fans, cuts, springing the cards) which you could incorporate into your already good routine if you have one). If you don't already have a solid closeup repetoire though the flourishes won't do you a whole lot of good, as Jeff says they are just moments in between your magic. Micheal Ammars Easy to Master Card Miracles has some awesome stuff.
Message: Posted by: wikiro (Jun 22, 2002 07:43PM)
But Im into productions and all that now you see it now you dont stuff. Also Jeffs work can be performed on the street or anywhere without gimmicked-cards. :nod:

But Im also really heavy into ace assemblies and card swithing has my fancy. Like the tilt bout or the first trick in "Expert at the card table" :hmm:

I love tricks that make a spectator think that they know what I did but in the end are
fooled. :bg:

Wikiro :bunny:
Message: Posted by: Dan Farmer (Jun 23, 2002 01:39AM)
In that case you may like it; however, regarding productions on the street...probably not, most are way too angly for use except on a stage. At anyrate...