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Topic: Gaffed dice
Message: Posted by: Donald the Average (Jun 8, 2015 11:07AM)
Can anybody tell me where I can get dice that, apart from an ungaffed duplicate, have identical spots on all six sides,- i.e. all fours, or all threes?
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jun 8, 2015 09:17PM)
I did not know the search engine was not working, this question has been asked several 20 or so times. Funny you did not fine what you were looking for.

There are joke dice called 7 - 11 dice. Only one dice is all he same and one has 2 different on them. I think there was someone that found another type. Look in the Rings, String and Things topic or the Ever So Sleightly topic several years ago. When you get 50 posts try the secret section as well.

I don't keep a reference library, on what is discussed on the Café, only use my memory. So I cannot give you any further information.
Message: Posted by: MagicalEducator (Jun 8, 2015 11:07PM)
Google Highland Games in the UK. They will be able to help you out.
Message: Posted by: shomemagic (Jun 11, 2015 07:41PM)
I second Highland Games I have used them often
Message: Posted by: hikeeba (Jun 29, 2015 10:44AM)
@OP: The forcing dice are at http://highland-games.co.uk/shop/forcing-dice-set-of-6/

International shipping is flat at 4 pounds. Check out the Sicherman Dice (not what you requested, but they have a really cool property!)