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Topic: A Review of Peter Loughran's Bottle Twister.
Message: Posted by: Dave Mustane (Feb 15, 2004 12:48AM)
I have bought 2 of Peter's illusions in the past, The Elevator and Fractured. Fractured is Great, Elevator is also good, However I am having problems balancing and mastering the effect, so I cannot comment fully.

I recently met up with Peter in Peterborough( a small city between Montreal and Toronto) while he was preparing for a press release for his upcomming show in the area for sometime in the future summer months.

I not only got to see Bottle Twister performed but I bought one of his demos on the spot.

I was then emailed the transcript of the instructions and Peter asked me to write a review after taking the time to experiment with the effect myself for some real spectators. I tried it on my girlfriend tonight at dinner for valentines day and she was freaked afterwards!

So here is my review;

I saw and I beleived! The label even ripped and it stayed that way after he twisted the bottle.(He must have known I was comming). From my point of view as a spectator-I was quite impressed to tell you the truth! I saw that his hands were empty, and the bottle just seemed to twist. He then had me open the beer, and it was real! I like effects that look like real magic, and this was one of them.

The effect is simple-you introduce a bottle and twist it about a quater turn! Its pretty cool to see for the first time. I was fooled, and impressed! Hence the reason why I had to have it right away!

However after reveiwing the product itself, I have to admit that it is the simplicity of this that really makes it appealing for working magicians(Well part time working magicians) like me. Its really easy to do! To be honest I feel kinda silly that I was fooled this badly by this concept Peter created after I found out how it was done.

In the transcript I was emailed, which I can only assume that it may or may not be the actual contents of the finished booklet, Peter explains several ways to do Bottle Twister, and each variation creates a slightly different effect-All are really cool!

But there is a down side. The ad on Peter's website states that it can reset in seconds.

And it can, one way.

But some of the more say impressive ways to present the effect, will require a few minutes of set up. Although you can pretty well do the effect straight out of the box with an empty bottle after applying your labels, there is another down side to the effect and that is-you need a special something to set the effect up for a full bottle presentation.

This item is readily available for only a few dollars, and really a minor flaw in the overall production of the trick. So keep in mind that you will have to shell out a couple of bucks( I think around $5-10) afterwards to do the effect with a full bottle. In Peter's defence I doubt this would have been practical to supply with the effect anyway, and it's very inexpensive, so not a big deal from my point of view.( you will understand what I mean after you get it yourself)

The apparatus is precision made, and after reading the instructions you will soon realize how impossible it would be to recreate this effect, and to make it as perfect as they did. It is definatley worth a hundred bucks. I shudder to think of the man hours and money it will take to produce these. Apparently though this is going to be a limited run!

You will also need to supply your own labels for what ever brand you choose to do the effect with. With Peter's instructions these labels are easily transferable from a real bottle to Peter's Bottle Twister.

I have been using the effect alot. I use Peter's easy reset presentation, and it goes over great! Your hands are clean before and after the effect, I have also tried the other variations and they do get slightly better reactions but if you do table hopping then you are going to want to go with the easy reset version and even using a full bottle only takes a few seconds to a minute to reset.

An added bonus was that Peter also included a free trick called Thumb Twister, which is a really really cool little illusion where you apparently twist your thumb all the way around 360 degrees and back again. It sounds silly and reads a little off beat, but it actually gets great reactions and again it too is really easy to do. It's also original, and a great lead in to the Bottle twister effect. I personally think that this particular effect will go down in history and will be passed down through generation after generation. Im still trying to figure out wher he comes up with this stuff.

Overall, Bottle Twister is a mind blower for laymen and obviously for some magicians like me, and Peter is going to save you a ton of money and time from trying to do this effect on your own. I wouldn't have thought of it(although that doesn't always mean anyting), and I have to give this guy credit one more time for inventing something so simple to use and yet so clever in performance. It drops jaws!

Well that's my 2 cents, Im sure most of you will be able to really enjoy this.

Message: Posted by: niva (Feb 15, 2004 03:50PM)
Here we go again. I have to start saving again. :lol:
Message: Posted by: MagicCarisio (Feb 15, 2004 04:06PM)
I won't be able to purchase it for another couple of months.
Dave's fantastic down to earth review sold me!
Can hardly wait!
Message: Posted by: Eirik (Feb 16, 2004 07:42AM)
Nice and honest rewiew Dave,
Peter is a clever guy, and I'm really looking forward to the release.
Maybe there will be a online demo-video out soon too..?