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Topic: Rorschach Inspired Playing Cards - Kick Starter
Message: Posted by: Machina (Jun 14, 2015 05:26PM)
The Bern Experiments Deck


"Interpretation of 'ambiguous designs' to assess an individual's personality is an idea that goes back to Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli. Rorschach's, however, was the first systematic approach of this kind." - Wikipedia

The basis of the Rorschach Test, as it came to be known, appeared in 1921 in the book: Psychodiagnostik. The inkblot test eventually became known as a projective test of personality.

We have arranged a new set of inkblots for this project which will allow you, if you wish, to make your own interpretations of their meanings.

Alexander May and Warren Thackeray are both performing mentalists, and as an Add On, a pdf for performers. The book outlines various synchronistic effects as well as a powerful three phase routine that proves, your photographic memory and gives your audience a photographic memory as well. This book is for performing magicians and mentalists only.

The Cards

USPCC will be printing this deck when we raise enough capital. The cards will be regular Bicycle style rounded corners.

Suits -There is a beautiful and unique inkblot for each of the four suits: Clubs Hearts Spades and Diamonds.

The Aces feature large versions of these inkblots.

The numbers through to royal cards go up from black and white to gradually having differing colors just like the originals.

As an added bonus the two Jokers contain a little known secret, from the side of psychology. You can use these in performance to show an interesting Trick of the mind.

The backs of the cards are my favorite: They feature an inkblot brain. The image spilling over the border is symbolic of the Left brain and its creativity and imagination. The colors of the left brain project those ideas as well. The right brain, all in black and the border are symbolic of logic and reasoning.
Message: Posted by: xevenofhearts (Jun 17, 2015 10:53AM)
I actually love these cards. At first glance I wasn't feeling it, but after a few seconds of staring, I love them. The only suggestion I'd have to input is that I don't like the borders on the court cards, and that the pips are a bit too close to the edge, personally I think they could move in a bit.

Good luck with this campaign, I really hope you get to send these cards to the production line!
Message: Posted by: Machina (Jun 18, 2015 08:55PM)
Thanks for the tips, we can adjust and see what it looks like. Please spread the word!
Message: Posted by: Machina (Jun 20, 2015 01:30PM)
We hear you loud and clear. Both adjustments will be made and should be up by Tuesday or Wednesday.
If you like The Bern Experiments Deck, please share on the forums, fb etc.
We would really like to have this deck see the light of day :)
Message: Posted by: Machina (Jul 14, 2015 07:14PM)
We have thirteen days left. Anyone else keen?