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Topic: Cardboard Contortionists
Message: Posted by: iSawThat (Jun 22, 2002 04:45AM)
Does anyone actually know how to do this smoothly? I've just read through the instructions and personally think that it'll be very difficult to pull this off smoothly, let alone convincingly. Plus don't the extra creases on the cards (aside from those running vertically and horizontally) make the card appear slightly fishy when being examined? It's by Jay Sankey, so I do expect it to be a bit eccentric in handling, but the complications of showing the torn quaters and the actual fusion process seem very complicated. Would appreciate any help i can get on this.
Message: Posted by: cataquet (Jun 22, 2002 11:59AM)
Get Sankeytized Vol 2. It's all there!

Bye for now

Message: Posted by: ecno (Jun 23, 2002 03:13PM)
You rely a bit on the sound it makes when you tear the cards. I think it's a bit risky when they aren't hearing it.
Message: Posted by: Joshua Quinn (Jun 23, 2002 03:44PM)
On 2002-06-22 12:59, cataquet wrote:
Get Sankeytized Vol 2. It's all there!

I agree, seeing Jay do it is a big help. He also has some tips for covering the fact that the second tear is less convincing than the first. It's also nice to see how clean the display of the four pieces looks in his hands.

Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Jun 23, 2002 08:17PM)
Ditto on the Sankey-tized tapes. You have to see him do it to believe it's possible.