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Topic: Need help from a worker who does the Anderson Newspaper tear.
Message: Posted by: abracadanny (Jul 14, 2015 03:44PM)
Hi Everyone!
This may sound like a stupid question, but does anyone have any tips on quickening the set-up for The Anderson Newspaper Tear. I know I will get faster at it over time, but as I am still practicing making the effect look good. Therefore, I need to set-up about 5-6 each practice session. Thanks in advance!
Message: Posted by: jay leslie (Jul 14, 2015 04:06PM)
and... make 32 at a time.
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Jul 20, 2015 03:23PM)
Now that was good advice!
Message: Posted by: mtpascoe (Jul 24, 2015 01:30AM)
If you are like me, you enjoy practicing. Once I get going, I want to do it over and over again. Unless you have enough packets made up, you will stop you practicing and making packets again.

And if you are in a groove when you need to correct a mistake, you will have to stop which may not be a good thing at that point.
Message: Posted by: Frank Simpson (Jul 27, 2015 09:25PM)
One thing I did when I first learned this effect was to take several stacks of similarly thick newspapers and practice only the tearing portion of the trick. This is really the hardest part! I tore dozens and dozens of papers before moving on to the restoration.

And Jay is right. Make at least 32.
Message: Posted by: Sam Sandler (Jul 30, 2015 11:49AM)
I might also add that you should video your practice sessions to watch back to see what it looks like.

watch not just the magic the restoration but watch each tear. watch where you are standing how you are standing. where you are looking. are you pacing while performing. what you are saying (script script script!!!!) etc etc etc.

the magic is the easy part everything else is what makes the trick look good!