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Topic: Ask Alexander Playing Cards - Conjuring Arts Research Center
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Jul 24, 2015 09:56AM)
Review link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VzVMihPW-E

In honor of our glorious friend, Ask Alexander, CARC has collaborated with M. Stutzman, artist for David Blaine's wonderful playing cards and posters, to bring you the Ask Alexander deck. Featuring numerous diabolical properties and an elegant, cunning design. The Ask Alexander deck is printed on the finest casino paper and to the highest standards available at the United States Playing Card Company.

CARC link: http://shop.conjuringarts.org/store/pc/Ask-Alexander-Cards-c3.htm

Buy yours from D&D: http://shop.dananddave.com/playing-cards/ask-alexander.html

Go head... http://askalexander.org/
Message: Posted by: Papa Legba (Oct 28, 2017 04:45PM)
IMHO this deck is only for collectors, it looks like what it is a gimmicked deck that is totally NOT INNOCENT,