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Topic: Viewing private messages I sent to others?
Message: Posted by: doowopper (Feb 18, 2004 08:49PM)
Is it possible to view all of the private messages I have sent to others? If so, how?
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Feb 18, 2004 08:54PM)
Richard, this post from the tech forum should answer your question.

right now there isn't a way (unless they respond with a quote of the message you sent them) that you can see the PM's you sent to other members. That will all be changing soon when we install the new PM system. It's in the final stages of testing now, so it won't be too much longer.
Message: Posted by: silent shadow (Feb 19, 2004 01:48PM)
Hi dave , I'm pretty new here , I've had the "you have a private message" flashing at me for a few day's , mouse over say's one new message , I click it and get you have no new messages page up.
I've something missing or is this normal?
Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Feb 19, 2004 02:23PM)
It's a glitch from when we made a few changes to the system. Send yourself a PM, then go to your PM page and view it. Your new pm field in the database will reset itself and the image will stop showing for you until you get another new PM.
Message: Posted by: silent shadow (Feb 19, 2004 03:49PM)
Thanx Mary all sorted, Have a good evening..