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Topic: Adyton - Coming Soon (iPhone Card Revelation - Mind Reading App)
Message: Posted by: JannisGk (Aug 3, 2015 03:26PM)
Coming soon ...


Adyton 1.4 is already available here:
Message: Posted by: daniltan (Aug 3, 2015 08:42PM)
I heard, ver2.0 is going to be awesome! The good thing is-- this will be a free update for anyone who already purchased the previous version.
Message: Posted by: JannisGk (Aug 8, 2015 01:00PM)

More powerful than ever... [B]ADYTON 2[/B] is [B]NOW[/B] available on the App Store:


As I've already promised... As a big "Thank You", [b]ADYTON 2 is F R E E for all our existed customers[/b]! ;)
Message: Posted by: daniltan (Aug 9, 2015 02:51AM)
The user interface is better in this version. The revealing method is somehow fixed. Can't tell the difference-- but I don't miss as much as the previous version. With more practice, I'm sure I can get it all correct. Good work, Jannis!
Message: Posted by: JannisGk (Apr 18, 2016 10:16AM)
Get ready for the next step...

Message: Posted by: daniltan (Apr 22, 2016 11:03PM)
Great! Thank you for keep going forward with your app. I really appreciate it. I hope more people will see the potential of Adyton ;-)
Message: Posted by: daniltan (Apr 23, 2016 07:45AM)
Btw, the Power Mode is a great addition to this effect. I like it when the magic happen in the spectator's hand. I recommend using Adyton with MD. But, of course you can use Adyton without a deck of cards. My second recommendation is first let the spec hold an ID (still inside of the box, of course) and then you do the usual routine with Adyton. You need to make the revealing in their hand to give you a good reason to switch the deck in their hand with your phone. And you do the ID routine with their selection card for the finale.
Message: Posted by: JannisGk (Apr 25, 2016 08:12AM)
Thank you Daniel!I am really happy to hear that you like the "Power Mode" addition!The best way to say "Thank you" for our hard work :) We really enjoy adding new features to our existing apps... while working on new ones... ;)

I love your second recommendation btw !!! This is a great way to perform Adyton!

We will always improve our apps to make the magic effects even more powerful, providing new updates that will always be FREE for our existing customers ;) For this reason there is an in-app feedback button now, inside the "About" section, that gives you the ability to send us your ideas and feedback for future updates without leaving the app ;)
Message: Posted by: JannisGk (Oct 23, 2016 09:00PM)

Message: Posted by: AriTheMan (Nov 8, 2016 04:34PM)
Jannis: Would you think about making a discounted bundle with all five of the apps on the app store?

- Ari
Message: Posted by: JannisGk (Nov 12, 2016 04:59AM)
[quote]On Nov 8, 2016, AriTheMan wrote:
Jannis: Would you think about making a discounted bundle with all five of the apps on the app store?

- Ari [/quote]

Hi Ari,

Thanks for asking, at this moment each one: ([i][b]Adyton, Dark Force, Avaton, Four Horsemen, Nevma[/b][/i]) are sold separately here:
Message: Posted by: JannisGk (Oct 16, 2017 04:59PM)
[b]Adyton 3.3[/b] update is [b]NOW AVAILABLE[/b] on the App Store!


Of course,as always, all the updates are F R E E for all our excisted customers! ;)