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Topic: Nicholas Einhorn
Message: Posted by: The Magician (Feb 20, 2004 02:48PM)
Hi all,

I already own Nicholas Einhorn's book [i]The Art of Magic And Sleight of Hand[/i] but what I would like to know is does Nicholas have any more books out on magic, video or DVD? Also, can you please tell me what Nicks website address is? Thanks.
Message: Posted by: magicbouy (Feb 20, 2004 03:28PM)
Nick has a few other effects out such as Spooked which is a haunted deck routine, and also a levitation using a cardboard box
Message: Posted by: Dave Le Fevre (Feb 22, 2004 08:18AM)
On 2004-02-20 15:48, The Magician wrote:
Also, can you please tell me what Nick's website address is? Thanks.