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Topic: The September 2015 Issue of Genii is Now Live!
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Aug 14, 2015 11:09PM)
Genii is the largest selling magic magazine in the world and this month's issue is one reason why: we are the only magazine in the English language giving full coverage to this year's FISM in Rimini, Italy. Our intrepid reporter, Mike Caveney, has been to more FISMs than almost anyone, and this month you'll feel as if you are there between Mike's excellent text and photos by Arto Airaksinnen and Marti Sirren.

Our columnists are legion: Our FISM coverage continues with Roberto Giobbi's "Afterthoughts on FISM 2015"; Jim Steinmeyer presents a stand-up version of the "Invisible Deck" without that prop; David Kaye discovers why he's an "Accidental Comedian,"; Kainoa Harbottle fesses up in "By Means of Metal"; Jeff Prace will straighten your earbuds with "Earfun"; John Gaughan keeps his birds in a Mahogany Cage in his "Chamber of Secrets"; Jon Racherbaumer ponders The Power of Comics; There are three great tricks in "Magicana" from Curtis Kam, J.K. Hartman, and Kyle Littleton; there are 365 Knights at the Magic Castle every year; John Guastaferro reviews books, Dustin Stinett videos, and David Regal tricks.

There are numerous videos and audio columns throughout the issue, so head over to your tablet, smartphone, or computer and start having fun!

Feel free to join us at www.geniimagazine.com