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Topic: James Brown - Secrets of Pickpocketing
Message: Posted by: Brett (Oct 15, 2015 04:43PM)

I've had the opportunity to put cash in James Brown's pocket before and I haven't been disappointed. Now he's offering a course (streaming video) on pickpocketing. And believe me, I'm delighted. The course is well thought out, the videos are exceptional quality, and from what I've seen of other pickpocketing books, videos, and courses, James has knocked this one right out of the park. My prediction is that this video series will become the go to reference for pickpocketing from here on out. A little pricey? Maybe. Totally worth it? Yeah. I'm ashamed because I wanted to keep this a secret and not tell anyone about this goldmine that I found. It's that good. There's something there for complete beginners to seasoned dippers.
Message: Posted by: Sicorace (Nov 1, 2015 07:01PM)
Thanks Brett for the review. We put a lot of efforts on the educational side and the technological side of it. Happy to know you are enjoying it!

The course is available here: http://www.powa.academy
Message: Posted by: Badger (Apr 26, 2016 12:31AM)
I would love to get this but internet connection is bad for streaming, any way to get this on DVD?
Message: Posted by: Sicorace (Apr 26, 2016 05:11AM)
Unfortunately for the way we envisioned and structured our academy that's not possible (main reason: this product is a "living" thing. once you download it, it will stop from "evolving" with new ideas etc etc)