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Topic: About the Jack - Jorge Garcia
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Oct 16, 2015 11:50PM)
[b]About The Jack - Jorge García...[/b]

[b]The Jack[/b] is a talented full time mentalist from Argentina who has been performing for corporate audiences in his home country and around the world for the last fourteen years. Before turning to show business, he was a Marketing Manager for twenty years for two international companies, which means he is well versed in the nature of working with and for companies.

He has been a featured performer on TV shows for the last two years in Argentina. On one show, he presented his entire program comprised of effects that were fully interactive for both the audience in the studio and for the viewers at home!


The Jack averages around forty performances in theaters in Argentina yearly, and for the last five years has also appeared at the Magic Castle. He is just finishing up his fourth lecture tour of Europe covering up to 22 cities, but he has not performed as much in the US. His recently published book [i]7 Mysteries[/i] is full of proven, real word performances that will be the basis for his [url=http://www.mindvention.net]MINDvention[/url] lecture.

Take a look at the quotes below that will give you a better understanding about the man known as [b]The Jack[/b].

"[i]The most poetic mentalist I have ever seen...[/i]" - [b]Eugene Burger[/b]

"[i]The Jack has performed his dynamic mentalism show at our WONDERGROUND nightclub in Las Vegas. His ability to command an audience with poetic mystery is awesome to behold![/i]" - [b]Jeff McBride[/b]

"[i]An artist with style and a unique theatrical skill...[/i]" - [b]Jack Goldfinger[/b]

"[i]It is not only good magic it s a full experience...[/i]" - [b]Amos Levcovitch[/b]

“[i]The Jack’s mental and psychokinetic acts are quite amazing! He is charming, has great charisma and produces fantastic entertainment with his 'mind power' performances. I highly recommend him if you are looking for super mental entertainment for any age group.[/i]” - [b]Uri Geller[/b]

"[i]The Jack is a charming and energetic performer. To see him perform is an absolute pleasure"[/i]. - [b]Neal Scryer[/b]

"[i]Charismatic and charming performer, loved his performance[/i]". - [b]Richard Webster[/b]