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Topic: REVIEW: The Magic of Suzanne: The Castle Act
Message: Posted by: My Lovely Assistant (Oct 19, 2015 10:52AM)
REVIEW: The Magic of Suzanne: The Castle Act

RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars

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The Magic of Suzanne is a two DVD set starring Suzanne, the 2010 Academy of Magical Arts Close-Up Magician of the Year. The DVD starts with a performance of her 24 minute Magic Castle act, in the Magic Castle. It is phenomenal. This DVD is well worth the purchase to watch an award winning magician do her thing, discuss it, and even teach some (but not all) of it.

Suzanne’s Magic Castle show consists of three basic segments. First a very strong and well-thought out multiple card routine (which is fully taught on the second DVD), followed by a Sharpie marked band-aid transposition trick (recently performed on Fool Us in which she fooled Penn and Teller) and finishes with a really fantastic Cups and Balls routine. The two latter tricks are not explained.

First off, let me say that Suzanne’s card routine is several routines built into one. In the card routine she has a marked card disappear and reappear in her pocket several times. She has a completely double-sided blank deck apparently instantly turn into a regular deck of cards. It has aspects of an ambitious card routine and she makes permanent ink apparently jump from one card to another. It is a great routine packed with numerous magical moments, comedy and emotion. It is taught excellently with step by step instruction.

Although this DVD would be worth the price just for the explanation of the card routines, it teaches so much more about the art of performance and interaction with an audience and spectators. Suzanne’s misdirection is honed to perfection and it is wonderful to watch her perform. She also shows a prototype of her deck switcher gimmick. I wish that she taught her Cups and Balls routine in the same step-by-step way that she taught her card routines. Trust me when I tell you that her routine is excellent and it has an unusual storyline to it and an awesome finale kicker.

One of my favorite features of the DVD is the fact that the viewer can choose to watch the performances with Suzanne’s audio commentary on the performance dubbed into the track. You can also see performances of the same tricks in front of a different audience. This is very interesting since you see how Suzanne deals with a boisterous audience and an intoxicated volunteer as opposed to an almost silent audience and a more cerebral spectator. The audio commentary gives great insight into her performance and what she is thinking when she is working her act.

There is also an interview with Suzanne that is very interesting and she discusses her career path and Dai Vernon’s front row appearance at her show, many years ago. Needless to say, the Professor approved of her act and when she asked for some suggestions, he told her to wear a dress.

The production quality is excellent and the ad copy is accurate. In the promotional video Suzanne says that she “goes through” her Magic Castle action “from beginning to end” which is true, but beware that the secrets are not taught for every trick.

This is a wonderful production and I highly recommend it.
Message: Posted by: Douglas.M (Dec 13, 2015 09:51AM)
I met Suzanne many years ago at a magic convention. I had been told "you have to see her cups and balls routine..." which blew me away. But I was also unprepared for Suzanne herself. I am not sure I have ever met someone as genuinely friendly, honest, funny, and warm. She obviously puts her personality into her work, and while she does give great tips on performing, it's up to the individual to realize that the magic is "them" and not the "trick". And although I have not seen Suzanne in a long time, I consider her to be someone I am proud to call my friend.

I was given some sage advice from a magic mentor when it came to magic learning resources. I had fallen into a rut of always buying the "latest thing" (usually a One Trick DVD). My mentor said, "study the books and DVD'S put out by Working magicians. So...J.C. Wagner, Doc Eason, Bob Sheets, Chad Long, David Williamson, etc., instead of some dude doing one impractical effect. And although the production on the Workers DVD'S may pale in comparison to the slick shaky camera work, music, and transitions on the One Trick DVD'S, the sheer volume of practical, real-world effects, instructions, and tips more than makes up for it.

Suzanne is a Worker!

Douglas M
Message: Posted by: Peckham (Jan 8, 2016 06:45PM)
This is a wonderful DVD set, I've never seen Suzanne so this was the next best thing. Highly recommended.
Message: Posted by: Ba Ba Booey (Apr 17, 2016 01:00PM)
I saw her perform at the Castle a few years ago, and I was blown away. Her performance was one of the highlights of the evening.