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Topic: Street shells???
Message: Posted by: B-MAN (Feb 26, 2004 06:47AM)
Just got my set of street shells from Hocus-Pocus and have a question or two. When I received my shell set I opened the box to find the shells, bag and set of 7 peas but no shot glass. I thought the glass came with the set. I ask Hocus-Pocus. They said no glass is included and to use any shot glass. Is this correct?
Also, does any one else find the shells to be slippery?
If so, what did you use to make them easy to handle?

Thanks for your time in this matter.

P.S. I will not ask when the School for Scoundrels
notes on the shell game will be ready for sale, but, I am really looking forward to it.

Message: Posted by: ursusminor (Feb 26, 2004 09:31AM)
Any shot glass (coffee cup, etc.) can be used, yes. If you find the shells slippery to handle, there were some tips on this in another post.

You're not alone in waiting for that book!

Message: Posted by: Randy Sager (Feb 27, 2004 12:47PM)
I don't know about now but when the street shells first came out a shot glass was supplied. It could be to keep shipping costs down the shot glass was discarded. Though I don't think it would make that big of a difference. As was said above any shot glass will work. Take a shell with you when you go to get one to make sure it is one you like.
Message: Posted by: sleightly (Feb 27, 2004 01:20PM)
According to the School for Scoundrels website, shot glasses are no longer provided with the Street Shells...

Message: Posted by: B-MAN (Feb 27, 2004 02:41PM)
Thank you all for your information. I guess this means
I will have a good reason to go out to a few bars. "I just need to look at the shot glasses, honest, I won't be late." Still wondering what I can use to stop the shells from being so slippery though.

Thanks for your time.
Message: Posted by: WoodRat (Feb 27, 2004 07:44PM)
The reason School for Scoundrels stopped providing the shot glass was that too many people were having trouble with the shell flipping over inside the shot glass - and then considering this some sort of flaw with the shells or the glass.

According to Chef Anton:
[quote]The issue is not the money, as much as the street shells are light. Sometimes, not often, they will jump or flip under the shot glass. We have found that some people get upset thinking it is faulty so we just eliminated the glass altogether[/quote]
Message: Posted by: Whit Haydn (Feb 29, 2004 05:00AM)
WoodRat is correct. There are always advantages and disadvantages to every kind of shell. The heavy metal shells we sell like the Golden Shells and Copper Shells are great for certain moves, the shot glass and the Kick Steal for instance, but more difficult for others--like the Escobar Move.

We also found that the plastic Street Shells are not as uniform in length as the metal shells, since they have to be hand-trimmed after the molding process. This slight variation in size makes it difficult to find one glass that works well with any particular set of shells. A good glass will fit the shell tightly so it won't wobble when the pea goes in or out.

Andrew Pinard has a solution for his La Maggiore Shells that is excellent. It is a tiny glass cup that is low-seated enough to hold the shell down as it is moved. Unfortunately, it is a little big to work well with our shells. Something similar might be found to fit, or a shot glass of just the right size.

I have never had a problem with the street shells being slippery, but everyone's hands are different. Real walnut shells can give some people the same problem.

If you continue to have a problem after working with them a while, there are several things you can do.

Some of the old street guys used to put a small circle of plastic cement on either side of their walnut shells where the fingers touch the surface. A little fine white sand is sprinkled lightly onto the glue, creating a rough but nearly invisible area that makes a grip easier. This should work on the street shells the same way, for those who have this problem.
Message: Posted by: WoodRat (Mar 5, 2004 02:42PM)
You can check your local general store for votive candle holders... especially the ones with flared sides, they are a little larger than the average 1 oz. shot glass and not as tall..
Message: Posted by: Chickens and Beandip (Mar 8, 2004 03:30PM)
In music for some drummers beeswax is rubbed on the sticks for grip. An idea.

Message: Posted by: B-MAN (Mar 9, 2004 06:28AM)
Thanks again for all the help. Have solved all the problems I was having. Found a great glass and have got used to the shells.Hope no one thought there was a problem with the shells, it was all me. Thanks again to Mr. Haydn for a great set of shells and peas.

I promise I will not ask when the School For Scoundrels
book and DVD on the shells will be released !!!!!
Message: Posted by: Neil (Mar 10, 2004 11:41AM)
If you're looking for a good routine then Super Shells by Gary Ouelett is a good place to start
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Mar 11, 2004 02:14AM)
The Three Shell Game & The Three Card Monte
performed and taught on DVD by Sal Piacente:
Any comments?
Message: Posted by: kissthecaptain (Mar 19, 2004 03:10AM)
Kjellstrom, lots of people are raving about the Piacente DVD set. It is pretty killer. Check out some reviews in the DVD section. Cheers.
Message: Posted by: Burrich (Jul 18, 2004 12:17PM)
The Sal Piacente DVD is good to get the basics down. It also teaches how to use bottle caps with a piece of sponge. It's a pretty good DVD. It is taught as a hustling DVD but then he tells you not to hustle people with it. I found that pretty funny. On top of that DVD I would recommend Tom Osbourne's booklet and Bob Sheets Video. I have also heard that Bob Kohler's video is very good and the SfS DVD is due out later in the year. CAN'T WAIT!!!