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Topic: Jumbo Card Tricks for MC's and Others
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Nov 25, 2015 08:22AM)
The Magic Nook recently published a collection of four tricks for MC's (Masters or Mistresses of Ceremonies - Comperes in the UK), using super jumbo cards from Amazon.com. They don't HAVE to be only used by MC's, but can also be used as filler or emergency quick-fit tricks for any magic act in which card tricks are appropriate. You'll find them listed in The Wizards' Journal #30. In that same journal, I happen to know (wink, wink!) that they will "soon" be publishing a collection of four Hypnotic Card Tricks, which will have your audience wondering if they were hypnotized or dreaming when you did what they THOUGHT you did. Finishing touches are being applied to that one. And also, in that same journal, get ready for a clown trick using jumbo cards that shows you how to reveal your "inner clown" by magic.