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Topic: REVIEW: The Pennies by Giovanni Livera and the Magic Estate
Message: Posted by: My Lovely Assistant (Dec 16, 2015 07:13AM)
REVIEW: The Pennies by Giovanni Livera and the Magic Estate

RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars!

LINK TO REVIEW: www.mylovelyassistant.com/reviews/view/5032

FULL REVIEW: This DVD is exciting and a prime example of how a performer can make a routine amazing. Giovanni is the lively performer that turns what I would have expected to be a mediocre routine into a brisk and stimulating experience. Who would have thought that you can have 5-10 minutes of crescendo building fun with just a roll of pennies (50 cents) and a table. What is most amazing about the way this routine is presented is it takes a sleight-less almost self-working math puzzle and makes it into a mind boggling magic trick.

In The Pennies, Livera drops numerous pennies on a table and arranges them into four rows that create a square shape. Four spectators are given a row to keep track of and announce how many pennies they have in their row. Another spectator is given the job of being the bank and hold several pennies and another spectator is given the job of being an inspector to make sure that no coins are surreptitiously removed from the table. Then, the bank drops a penny onto any one of the piles in any one of the rows. After Livera moves the pennies back and forth, one at a time, all the row custodians still have 10 pennies and no pennies are removed. No matter how many pennies are dropped into the square, the number never increases. At the end, the bank has 10 pennies and each spectator still has 10 pennies, despite the addition of numerous pennies. if this sounds somewhat bland, trust me, it is anything but. It is great.

This routine can entertain 6 people or a whole room full of people. Livera even suggested that he performed this for a few hundred people and it was a great success. There are no gimmicks needed and this routine can be performed being totally surrounded. No pennies are stolen off of the table at any point and yet the added pennies seem to dissolve into the air. At the end, Livera asks... "Did this even happen?"

Some people will be able to perform this routine immediately watching the DVD. Others may have to practice a bit, but the spacial thoughts related to this trick are easy to master.

The quality of the DVD is excellent and the teaching is top-notch. The ad copy is accurate. Livera has so much enthusiasm for this routine and challenges the viewer to think what else can be performed with added zeal. What else can be taken from ordinary to extraordinary. The DVD starts off with a live performance, with real people so you can see just exactly how powerful this routine is and can be.