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Topic: Progressive Aggression
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Dec 24, 2015 05:12PM)
Progressive Aggression By Lance Norris

The Ad Copy:

Culled from his personal files, Lance Norris once again tips the secrets to what has made him America (if not the world’s) foremost Rock and Roll Mentalist. Included are six progressive anagrams and ideas to help make them your own. Imagine no wires, stooges, batteries or tearing paper up into little bits! Just straight work. And a bonus guide to some special ciphers that will help you keep this, or any of your handiwork safe from prying eyes. WARNING: This is not material that you’ll be doing right out of the box in your mother’s kitchen tonight, but if you put in the work, you will find hidden in here a walk around, stage, or God forbid; even radio effect that will serve you for a lifetime.

I really enjoy Lance’s works. He has a sense of humor that I get; he speaks his mind and jokingly slaps the reader around a bit. If you want to be coddled, this isn’t for you. And word of warning, there is a small bit of adult language, if that offends you, you have been warned. And did I mention Lance speaks his mind?

This manuscript was a fun read, not only did I learn a new technique (I call it the Oscar Acosta technique), I read 7 different presentations, I learned a bit about Shakespeare, the original, deadly use of a particular musical instrument, there is a memory lesson included, and the book concludes with a section on ciphers.

The Oscar Acosta technique makes it impossible to forget or not know what to do; the memory technique taught is perfect for this type of effect. As for the material Lance included, I plan on using 3 of them without hesitation. “What An Ugly Rainbow”, “Cut To The Quick”, and “Killer Anagram, Dude” are going right into my arsenal. I am considering 2 others as well. I don’t want to give away the plots of these routines as creating the plot in the first place is the most difficult part in coming up with a routine.

The writing style is perfect for this manuscript (although some may not get the humor). Lance starts off very detailed in regards to performing the routines, sage advice concerning the same audience, some insights into the origin of this manuscript, as the manuscript progresses, the detail on performing the routine lessens and Lance outright tells you to write your own jokes. This is great advice because right at the beginning he tells us that his material can be loud an in your face. But let me tell you, what he has there is amazing (to me anyway).

Let me wrap this up before I continue to ramble on.

I got a new magical technique, at least 3 routines I will use, inspiration to create my own material, learned a bunch of trivia (some true, some not), had a memory lesson, a lesson on ciphers, and laughed my butt off while reading this manuscript. Is that worth $20? For me, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Here is the link if you are interested: http://www.lulu.com/shop/lance-norris/progressive-aggression/ebook/product-22497292.html

Tony Iacoviello
Message: Posted by: Sean Giles (Dec 25, 2015 05:14PM)
Thanks for the review Tony. The PA's sound interesting but can this material be used by the close up performer?

Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Dec 26, 2015 02:35AM)

It can be used in any setting, close up, stage, walk around... The only restriction, and one the author puts in the manuscript, is only one performance of this per audience.

Message: Posted by: Medifro (Dec 26, 2015 08:52AM)
In the past I recall him making his material in limited editions. Is this similar?
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Dec 26, 2015 04:02PM)
No idea, it is on Lulu with other items of his.
Message: Posted by: bitterman (Dec 28, 2015 08:21AM)
[quote]On Dec 26, 2015, Medifro wrote:
In the past I recall him making his material in limited editions. Is this similar? [/quote]

Yes, Dutchco is supposed to pull an item after 100 copies are sold. Sometimes they stretch it a little further, but it should be gone shortly... Unless, of course, it's not selling; or they are lying about the numbers...
Message: Posted by: JanForster (Dec 28, 2015 08:45AM)
Thanks, Tony, bought it also, I love to laugh too... Only hoping that our sense of humor is similar. And do not think that Germans didn't get any ... :) Jan
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Dec 30, 2015 01:44PM)

You may enjoy the humor, but it is New England humor, so you may not. ;)

I'm not sure it is the best buy for you as all routines/effects he includes are English based.
Yes, the technique can be used with any European language using the Latin Alphabet, but all the work in the manuscript is in English.

Message: Posted by: JanForster (Dec 30, 2015 04:46PM)
I had a very good laugh, no, more than one... It is not too difficult to transfer it for other languages. I did not regret to buy and read it :) Jan
Message: Posted by: bitterman (Dec 30, 2015 05:36PM)
Habe ich versucht, ein oder zwei auf Deutsch schreiben, aber sie waren einfach nicht so lustig ...
Message: Posted by: Kuroth (Dec 30, 2015 06:04PM)
So is this really just 10 pages? Just asking as for the price, that seems pretty high.. Unless there is really some kick butt stuff in those 10 pages.. I would be tempted at $10.. But $20.. Naaa
Message: Posted by: bitterman (Dec 30, 2015 09:16PM)
Not everyone can drive an Aston Martin... ;)
Message: Posted by: JanForster (Dec 31, 2015 05:54AM)
[quote]On Dec 31, 2015, bitterman wrote:
Habe ich versucht, ein oder zwei auf Deutsch schreiben, aber sie waren einfach nicht so lustig ... [/quote]

Yes, that's my business :) And I keep them for myself as long as possible... :) Jan
Message: Posted by: coupcoupdaddy (Jan 1, 2016 12:10PM)
I concur with Tony's thoughtful review of Lance's Progressive Aggression and find it worth every penny if you like to play with language as I do. To be certain, we pumped it through the Joyce Filter while dangling in our extrasensory deprivation tank. Last time, the zip gun got us. This time, we arranged to be cool. The last time we dabbled with one of Mr. Norris's effects, we were banned from our local Walmart. I got no apps to amp anagrams but Lance's work here is aptly inspirational and, for a bonus, he outcodes the bible with a three way for the erasers of invisible footsteps. Lance is an original and you'll easily transfer his howling wolf energy to your own mad dog.
Message: Posted by: magic maniac (Jan 5, 2016 03:08PM)
I'm a huge fan of PA's and was hoping to get some great new PA's to perform along with some sage advice on PA's. I unfortunately found neither in this release.

The main issue is with the PA's themselves. The several PA's offered all consist of a short lists of words (7-8 words) which you would hand to the spectator to select one word and you go into your reveal. I have to agree with Atlas Brookings in the sense that PA's should 'feel' like a spectator has infinite choices to choose from but if your only using a list of 7 words, it makes the method pretty transparent IMO. This is the reason I no longer perform Zodiac Sign PA's.The tips Lance offers on PA's was ok but nothing groundbreaking.
Message: Posted by: JanForster (Jan 5, 2016 03:12PM)
Study Jack Kent Tillar's "Assumption Swindle", rethink it, use some phantasy and you might change your opinion ;) Jan
Message: Posted by: MagicBrent (Jan 5, 2016 05:31PM)
Can someone give a gist of what the presentations involve as far as what the spectator experiences. I understand the lists and pa's reveal but was wondering what the specs "experience" besides "how did he know my word from that list?"
Message: Posted by: Kuroth (Jan 5, 2016 05:36PM)
Its a Aston Martin.. You can't drive it..
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Jan 6, 2016 10:53AM)
This is PERFECT for Radio Presentations. As a radio presentation it requires NO MEMORY work, although what is demanded is not that difficult even for an old codger like me. I like it!!!!!

I'll be selecting one of these for my next round of radio shows. Possibly THE DARK TRUTH podcast.
Message: Posted by: bitterman (Jan 20, 2016 07:29AM)
I'm told the sale limit has almost been reached and it will be pulled soon...
Message: Posted by: bitterman (Oct 14, 2016 10:12PM)
What the.... The limit was reached and the product wasn't pulled. Heads will roll, I tell ya...
Message: Posted by: bitterman (Nov 26, 2016 12:28PM)
33% off sale on hardcovers. This title should be sold out, but other titles still available. Use the check code BFRIDAY33 through Sunday. Enjoy.