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Topic: Ian Keable's book
Message: Posted by: Revilomagic (Jan 5, 2016 07:19AM)
Hello all,
I have read good things about Stand up, a book by Ian Keable and since I have a keen interest in comedy and (believe it or not!) Magic, I have been trying to locate a copy. BUT everywhere seems to out of stock! Does anyone know of a supplier who may have some in stock or even if it is available in eBook/PDF format. (Only suggestions for downloads authorised by Mr Keable on that last one please)

(PS: please do say if I'm posting this in the wrong section; I wasn't entirely sure which it fits in best)
Message: Posted by: Revilomagic (Jan 7, 2016 04:38PM)
All quiet... no-one have a source?
Message: Posted by: Father Photius (Jan 7, 2016 11:38PM)
You didn't say which book, do you have the title. I recall one called Magic and another called Stand Up. You reference both Stand up and Magic in your question. Did you try entering the author's name in a search engine first, instead of the title. Often searches work better with Author's name, especially with used book sellers. Adlibris.com is always a good place to try. Out of print books on magic are often hard to find as they were produced in small numbers to start with, but if you are patient and keep searching used dealers, it is likely to show up. We have a book for sale section on the Café, but you have to have 50 posts to access it.
Message: Posted by: Revilomagic (Jan 8, 2016 01:37AM)
Ah, apologies for the confusion; the book I was referring to was Stand Up; I was unaware he had written a book called Magic!
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Jan 8, 2016 03:47AM)
There were some jokers trying to flog it for £500 on Amazon a while back. It may well be worth more than it's published price now but I doubt if it's by that much.

Just looked again. Cheapest I could find was for $139 on Amazon
Message: Posted by: Sealegs (Jan 12, 2016 11:10AM)
Ian's mentioned to me that he doesn't have any copies and I doubt you'll find any dealers holding any.

Michael Finney has tried to persuade Ian to reprint it as I think he used to like to sell copies of it after he lectured. However I know that Ian doesn't have any plans to reprint it so the 2nd hand market is your only option at the moment.

The $139 on Amazon that magicgeorge mentions is the best price at the time of making this post. That's on the US Amazon site.... and that's certainly cheaper than buying from the UK Amazon site. (£179 - £260)
Message: Posted by: charliemartin (Jan 20, 2016 01:18PM)
Try Denny & Lee's. Awesome pic to get.
Message: Posted by: charliemartin (Jan 20, 2016 01:19PM)
Excuse me, bad typing. Book to get.
Message: Posted by: Revilomagic (Jan 26, 2016 09:26AM)
No luck and Denny & Lee's unfortunately- I couldn't find the item listed at all though they did have a different book by Ian.
Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Jan 26, 2016 09:50AM)
How much are you willing to pay for one?
Message: Posted by: cbguy (Oct 5, 2016 11:44PM)
I am willing to pay $100

PM me if you have one to sell
Message: Posted by: Sealegs (Oct 6, 2016 05:41AM)
I've Pm'd both Revilomagic and cbguy on where they can get a copy of this book (as of Oct 4) at the price cbguy mentions he is willing to pay. :)

Hopefully that'll work out for one of you.
Message: Posted by: Sealegs (Oct 7, 2016 05:06AM)
And another PM sent to both as I found another one for sale at a reasonable price.
Message: Posted by: jackbp (Nov 22, 2016 07:18AM)
Hi - I'm looking to buy a copy of Ian Keable Stand Up. If anyone has a copy they're willing to sell or know where I can pick one up, could you please PM me? Thanks,

Message: Posted by: magicgeorge (Jan 22, 2017 01:53PM)
I never saw that message. I sold mine to someone local for £80
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jan 31, 2017 02:13AM)
It's an excellent book. The best on the subject I've ever read.
Not ready to part with my copy yet.
Message: Posted by: SleightlyChris (Feb 1, 2017 08:55PM)
As with Frank, it's a wonderful book. I have seen it go as low as 110$ and as much for 200$. I bought mine at $150. No regrets. Put a post in the Sale section and see if it pops up
Message: Posted by: gabelson (Jul 26, 2017 03:56PM)
The best "how to" book on comedy writing, is Judy Carter's "The Comedy Bible". Nothing else comes close. It will teach you formulas, techniques, how to generate jokes that reflect your persona. There's a good reason the majority of comedy classes around the country use this as their textbook.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Aug 12, 2017 09:59PM)
The problem with getting rid of hte keable book is that it has so many reminders that you can improve your act reading it over and over again.
That's my only fear in parting with it.

the comedy bible has nothing to do with this thread. totally different kind of book. Mentioning it is just throwing the thread off track.
Message: Posted by: Bairefoot (Aug 21, 2017 02:48PM)
I have my Ian Keable Stand Up book. PM me if you want it. They are very very very hard to find.
Message: Posted by: Sealegs (Jan 8, 2018 03:57AM)
Anyone looking for a copy of Ian Keable's, 'Stand Up: A Professional Guide to Comedy Magic'... at the time of this post I can put you in contact with someone who has a copy for sale here in the UK.
Message: Posted by: SleightlyChris (Jan 12, 2018 08:43AM)
Alternatively I have come across a second copy. I don't need a back up so mine is also up for sale if anyone is interested