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Topic: Mentalism Products at the Easy Coast Spirit Sessions.
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Jan 6, 2016 07:10PM)
I was amazed at how many straight up Mentalism Products were available last year at such a great savings. In my opinion Bizarre Magicians are/were the first Mentalists, just using a different name for the similar routines and presentations. (Methodologies were identical)
Some of the thinkers that will be there this year are beyond top notch. If you are a Mentalist don't count out the East Coast Spirit Sessions. They ARE for you too!!!!! :bat: :firedevil: :bat: :firedevil: :bat:

I've never been to a convention that is friendlier or more rewarding!

If you have a table, I'd love to get a preview as to your wares this year.
Message: Posted by: Bedford (Jan 7, 2016 06:39AM)
Slim, I will have a table there again this year. I will have my Calaveras sets, Philosopher's Cubes, Pocket Pendulum Boards, Moon Boards (a joint project with Todd Landman, me, and Christopher Gould), plus the new King In Green (another joint project with Christopher Gould and Alchemy Moon), and the last remaining sets of Day of the Dead Fortune Cards. Plus there will be some items from the Bizarre Flea from the Alchemy Moon website, and a couple of surprises as well.

I will also have most of the Alchemy Moon catalog to demo, including Kadar, Hedge Tarot, The Alchemist's Square (Chris' new very cool magic square routine/system), Cuss Cards, Death In The Family, the Kadar Kabinet, Heaven & Hell Pendulum, Alchemical Artifactum, and more. This is a great chance to see these AM products in person if you have never seen them.
Message: Posted by: the Sponge (Jan 7, 2016 09:28AM)
Carlyle will be there with several of his products like last year. check out his website, let him know what you're interested in, and if possible, he will bring it to save you some shipping.

Message: Posted by: Paul Prater (Jan 7, 2016 09:33AM)
I will also be there. I will have at least one of my entire line and a few new items that no one has seen yet.
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Jan 7, 2016 10:08AM)
It promises to be a one stop shopping opportunity! :clownjuggling:
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Jan 7, 2016 06:23PM)
Don't miss Paul's table. He has some great products!