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Topic: Samson's XP300 Powered Loudspeaker-??
Message: Posted by: Natural Mystic (Mar 3, 2004 07:49AM)
Hi All,

Does anyone have experience with Samson's XP300 Powered Loudspeaker? I want a portable loudspeaker that can handle almost any performing situation from a birthday party to a stage show, without hauling around extra equipment. The Samson's XP300 Powered Loudspeaker seem to have the best features of Carvin's Stagemate and JBL's EON G2. It seems for an extra $75.00 I can get the best of Carvin and JBL speaker systems. Any comments? Here Samson's XP300 review:


The most comprehensive version of Expedition, the XP300 is a powered loudspeaker with a built-in 4-channel stereo mixer and digital effects processing.

Designed as a completely portable, all-in-one PA system, the XP300 ideal for people who want superior audio anywhere they go. Whether you just want rugged and versatile loudspeaker enclosure that consistently deliver big sound, or a complete professional audio system in a highly mobile design perfect for today's fast-paced world, Expedition is the answer.

The XP300's mixer features two bands of equalization, two Mic/Line channels and a Stereo Channel with a mic pre. RCA inputs allow you to easily interface a CD, Mini Disk or Tape player. The digital processing section consists of six high-quality presets that range from a touch of room ambience to lush, reverberant halls. Versatile and easy to use, the mixer also lets you daisy-chain additional enclosures in stereo.

The XP300 has a bi-amped power cell capable of producing up to 200 Watts RMS (160 Watts Low/40 Wattts Hi).

Improved 12" Heavy-duty Celestioin LF Driver, 1" Titanium compression Driver, and Exclusive Celestion/Samson designed crossover.


One Love!

Also, I've seen Samson's XP300 Powered Loudspeaker listed for $500.00 with free shipping on different websites.
Message: Posted by: magicguy22 (Mar 3, 2004 11:26AM)
I have the older model EX-30 with rechargeable battery. Generally the same as the XP-300. The XP unit has upgraded Celestion speakers.

Firstly, the sound quality is excellent for music and voice..this is due to the high-quality speakers. This unit has a 200 Watt amplifier which will easily cover 300 people. I don't use the effects (reverb)...don't find much use for them.

This sucker is heavy though, when you add the battery..I can get about 3.5 hours of battery power if I'm playing music/ voice...about 4 hours if voice only.

It has >little wheels< and an >extendible handle< that I never use unless I am inside on tile or carpet. (i.e. the little wheels are not suitable for bumps on concrete outside...too much shock/ vibration for the speakers/ amplifier.) Get a dolly with big rubber wheels to move it around. To get it out of the car it has a moulded handle in the top.

Easy to set up because it's all integrated. It also has a stand-mount on the bottom for a tripod.

I have been using mine for about 3 years with no problems. All in All it does what I need it to do and can cover larger crowds.

There is also an optional sattelite speaker, XP-200. The XP-200 has the same speakers/ amplifier but no mixer, just an input to be fed from the XP-300. This is great if you wish to run a stereo set-up for crowds of 700+.
Message: Posted by: Natural Mystic (Mar 3, 2004 02:23PM)

Thanks for your review! It's going to be my next purchase.
Message: Posted by: Natural Mystic (Aug 27, 2005 12:13PM)
Anyone else has a review on this speaker?
Message: Posted by: aonfilms (Dec 10, 2010 07:10PM)
I have the Samson EX30 and EX20. I've used them on small to medium gigs and I love the units. I use a small amount of the reverb and it sounds great. Also the built in limiter helps with bigger gigs so you don't get clipping.

Agree, do not roll units around too much. My EX30 is in the shop because of this.

Can someone tell me where I can find a schematic for the EX30? Repair shop can't fix without it. I have been to the samsontech.com site and sent e-mails. Help please. - Matt
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Dec 16, 2010 01:14PM)
They may cough up a schematic if you deal with an authorized repair facility. The manual is easy to find, online.