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Topic: Magic ideas for engagement/proposal
Message: Posted by: Jamie Zammitt (Jan 14, 2016 12:05PM)
Hi All,

I wonder if you could help.

I will be proposing to my girlfriend soon in Singapore at a restaurant on Valentines Day. I am trying to think of ideas to propose to her using magic.

I have thought of a rose where the petals would open magically and show the ring but I cannot find such a thing. I am open to suggestions.

I thank you all in advance. Much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Jamie Zammitt
Message: Posted by: Steve_Mollett (Jan 15, 2016 08:43AM)
Just be sincere and propose. No tricks.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jan 15, 2016 11:26AM)
Commitments involving homes, families and children are not so good with tricks.

So much
simpler to say what you really mean. Preferably in your best guess about how it would be meaningful to her.

gotta be tricky? Are you sure? okay read between these lines: The Hofzinser trick with the two hearts might be appropriate if you normally do magic when out with her and her friends...ie the ring is found inside a selected card...and if you're lucky she'll think of the card as what's important. If you're thinking "yes but that routine starts with a borrowed ring"... Sigh. Anyway, best of luck with your proposal.
Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (Jan 15, 2016 01:22PM)
"He was doing some kind of magic trick or something and then suddenly (!!!) I realized he was proposing to me!" The trick will be lost in the face of the declaration of love and proposal of marriage.

It seems to me the prospective groom should have as little manipulative stuff going and the most humility and seriousness he can muster.

It is not a time for games.

No matter whether she says yes or no, it will be a memorable enough experience for both of them.

Just my opinion.
Message: Posted by: 0pus (Jan 15, 2016 03:17PM)
[quote]On Jan 15, 2016, Pop Haydn wrote:

It seems to me the prospective groom should have . . . the most humility and seriousness he can muster.

It is not a time for games.

. . .

Just my opinion. [/quote]

Mine too.

What youngsters don't get is that the proposal is not about them - it is about her.

It is not about jumbo-tron, scoreboard, sky-written, "look-at-me" magic ostentation - it is about the serious, rest of your life, biggest thing you have ever done in your life; it shouldn't be undermined with cheap theatrics.

But then, again, I am hopelessly romantic.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 15, 2016 10:50PM)
[quote]On Jan 15, 2016, Steve_Mollett wrote:
Just be sincere and propose. No tricks. [/quote]

Perfect advice.
Message: Posted by: lynnef (Jan 18, 2016 12:25AM)
Yeah, no tricks for the proposal. Later in life, she'll learn your tricks anyway! Lynn
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jan 18, 2016 11:04AM)
It never worked for Jaffar.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jan 19, 2016 08:26AM)
If she says yes afterwards you could give her one of these.

Message: Posted by: Jamie Zammitt (Nov 23, 2018 06:16AM)
I left for Singapore after I decided how I was going to propose and did not come back to this post. I now have.

Why do so many people on the Café have to feel they should come out and preach on life lessons to people all the time?

The formality of the event remained as it always would have and I made sure it was as important to her as any proposal should be to any lady. I was merely seeking a different way of revealing a ring ladies and gentlemen. Everything that happened before and after and all the words I spoke, to my now amazing wife, were the same as they were going to always be.

We are now happily married and my wife's eyes sparkle and she finds it very hard to not shed a tear everytime she retells the story of the proposal and she mentions the reveal of the ring from a magical rose. She keeps saying it was so different to what people usually do and that it made it extra special.

So perhaps all the Mr Knowhows on here should take a good look at themselves at times and realise that rather than putting people down on personal matters and giving people life lessons they should participate on magic dialogue on this forum and if they have no contribution on the magical content of the post then perhaps they should reserve their opinions to themselves. We all see things differently in life but we cannot be going around on a magical forum telling people how they should live theirs. I can assure that from my point of you and having actually proposed in the way I had planned (which no one could possibly know about) that many of the comments above are simply wrong as I know firsthand that it did work and gave it a special touch for 2-3 seconds of the proposal.

It is very disheartening to just see negativity in this thread.

Wish you all the very best.

Message: Posted by: danaruns (Nov 23, 2018 10:32AM)
So you're saying that you posted asking for people's input, you never returned to see the input you asked for, but now that you have you're angry about it two years later?
Message: Posted by: Jamie Zammitt (Nov 24, 2018 04:19PM)
Yes that is what I am saying. I never returned the days following my post because of a tragic event with a family member which made me have other priorities which made me forget I even posted this. Is that ok danaruns or am I not allowed to do that?

I am entitled to express my opinion on what I think of the post whenever I feel like I should. Especially when people were passing comments effectively judging me and saying I was mistaken without even knowing me personally.

Your post just proves exactly the point I was trying to make. Why cant people just be “nice” and not get involved in attempting to draw a judgement on people from a question posed?
Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Nov 24, 2018 06:06PM)
The nice thing to do would be to thank people for their input considering you asked for it.

An explanation of why you never checked on your post would have been nice as well.

-Mary Mowder
Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Nov 24, 2018 07:17PM)
I'm not asking for details of your family tragedy, just what you said in the last post but upon your recent arrival, instead of being rude to those who answered.

Sorry about your family tragedy.

Congratulations on your Marriage.

- Mary
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Nov 24, 2018 10:15PM)
So.... ahh never mind.

Glad it worked out for you.
Message: Posted by: 0pus (Nov 26, 2018 10:27AM)
Reminds me of Joey Nichols.
Message: Posted by: Sharktale (Dec 10, 2018 12:50PM)
I had a idea of:
Healing Hearts. But when it is restored instead of small hearts you end up with engagement ring tied up...
Message: Posted by: acheyer (Dec 13, 2018 01:38PM)
When I proposed, I got down on my knee in front of her, said the heartfelt statements I wanted to make, then opened my hand to show the diamond ring. It floated up out of my hand and we could both wave our hands over and around the ring. I then plucked it out of the air and put it on her finger. Of course, the important part was the seriousness and romantic nature of the moment, but this was a small touch that made the moment extra special and an even better story when she answered her girlfriends' questions "How did he ask you?" When she thinks back the moment and tells the story today, more than 20 years later, her eyes light up with wonder and happiness, so I think the extra effort was worth it. I think it was even more surprising and special because I was not a magician at the time, so the magic angle really came out of the blue...
Message: Posted by: Yehuda (Dec 18, 2018 11:45AM)
Using Richard Sanders' "Ace" routine, have one of the following words written on each ace: "will" "you" "marry" "me", have the "marry" and "me" be the ones that end in her hand so as she turns them over it completes the question (You turn over yours first).

Richard Sanders' "Ace": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-dAVGRVVPA

Then, as she's reacting (huge off-beat), secure the ring and produce it however.

[You can also just do it with words written on blank cards, not aces.]

Message: Posted by: magicianbrady (Mar 17, 2019 09:52AM)
Well here's how Barney Stinson proposed using magic :D