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Topic: Icons
Message: Posted by: snedglow (Mar 4, 2004 01:45PM)
Is there a listing somewhere of what all the little icons in the café mean? i.e. the teacups, coffee mugs, etc.

Thanks and thanks again for the forum itself. It is already an invaluable tool and I've only been having coffee here for a month or so!

Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Mar 4, 2004 02:11PM)
Yes, when you make a post a mesage should be underneath it says...

Clickable smiles are temporarily unavailable. They may still be added to message by entering the appropriate smile code (must have spaces on each side of smile code).

It has the word smile code highlighted, if you click on that it will take you to the list of smilies, you will have to scroll down a bit and wait for them to all load but they are there for you. :nod:

Mya :)
Message: Posted by: snedglow (Mar 4, 2004 02:30PM)
Thanks, Mya; I realized what I meant shortly after I posted that question.

The tea cups I meant are the ones that mean there have been no new posts since my last visit. The coffee mugs mean there have been.

There's one pic that looks like an orange ball - what's that? And the flashing red light?


Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Mar 4, 2004 02:46PM)
Is this the orange ball? [img]http://themagiccafe.com/forums/images/sticky.gif[/img]

Look closely. It's a jelly doughnut, used to indicate a "sticky" topic. Sticky topics always stay at the top of the topic list.

The flashing red light is meant to draw your attention to whatever it's placed near, that's all.
Message: Posted by: snedglow (Mar 4, 2004 02:48PM)
That's the ball all right! Thanks - what I geek I am for not noticing!

::: MORON ALERT ::: !!!

Thanks Mary!
Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Mar 4, 2004 05:46PM)