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Topic: Bicycle Decks Australia CHEAP!!
Message: Posted by: Austen (Jan 25, 2016 02:37AM)
Just a heads up to those in Australia. Picked up a brick of mixed decks for $22 at Costco, that's 6 red and 6 blue standard bicycle. Bargain!
Message: Posted by: alicauchy (Jan 26, 2016 07:47AM)
Good quality as well?
Message: Posted by: Austen (Jan 26, 2016 08:16AM)
Standard bicycle rider back made by US playing card company, air cushion.the only thing is it has a small round piece of advertising on the front that says FREE APP about the size of a 10c piece.
Message: Posted by: alicauchy (Jan 28, 2016 06:02AM)
Seems a good deal. Pity that ad in the box !!
Message: Posted by: Boomer (Jan 28, 2016 12:07PM)
I see that same add on the new boxes here in the USA.
Not real excited to see that.

Thankfully, I still have two Costco bricks from 2002.

Message: Posted by: Austen (Jan 29, 2016 12:17AM)
[quote]On Jan 28, 2016, Boomer wrote:
I see that same add on the new boxes here in the USA.
Not real excited to see that.
[/quote] and you sure wold
Yup, at least you can hang on to those boxes. it almost makes me want to switch deck types now they that are making gaff decks for so many designs but that would be very costly
Message: Posted by: alecStephenson (Feb 26, 2016 11:49PM)
Thanks for the tip. Must be the cheapest good decks on Oz.

If you want a bad poker-sized deck, most $2 type shops sell the Chinese "Cart Classics" brand for about $1.50.
Air cushion finish (to use the bicycle term), but made from three layers, where the middle is a blue paper adhesive layer, rather than the black paste stuff of USPCC. NDO is K-AD,K-AC,K-AH,K-AS. Basically rubbish for handling, but good for destroying/experimenting/throwing at people.