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Topic: Do You Make Your Own? Best DIY Suitcase Table
Message: Posted by: JoshRyan (Jan 30, 2016 07:29PM)
I purchased a professional-looking grey, black trimmed, case from the hardware store, of all places. It has storage compartments well suited to organize it all. I use a music stand and plumbing flange as the base. I've printed, laminated, and attached my logo to the top. It serves me very well ... except the flange. It isn't completely level.

I learned from another Magic Café thread, I can buy a $120 flange made for a music stand on Amazon (Atlas AD11BE 5/8-Inch 27 Thread Surface Mount Female Microphone Flange). But I'm wondering what other people are doing, those of you who have made your own suitcase table.
Message: Posted by: bigfoot (Jan 30, 2016 08:41PM)
Could you shim the flange until it is level.
If it were me, depending how much it is off, I would put self adhesive felt on the flange. I would then tighten it until it just touched the cases surface. Then using the four screws I would tighten them individually until it was level. If it is more than a fraction of an inch you could shim it until it is level still using the four screws. If you are handy with a grinder you can take a bit of the metal off until it is more level. I say more level because you no doubt will never get it perfect but maybe a bit better though.

You could always just shim it as you tighten the screws until you have it where you like it then fill any gaps with a two part epoxy to tidy it up a little. My first stage case was made this way. I actually have a better stand now that only requires a hole to be put in the case this eliminated the need for the big heavy pipe flange.
Message: Posted by: JoshRyan (Jan 30, 2016 10:23PM)
Thanks for the suggestion. I skipped some details though to keep things simple. The plumbing flange does in fact attach flush against the case. There is also a male pipe fitting (plumbing). The top half of the pipe fitting screws into the flange, while the bottom half screws into a PVC female adaptor (electrical). Then the adaptor fits on to the music stand pole, but the adaptor is short so it moves slightly and cracks easily.
Message: Posted by: Taterini (Jan 31, 2016 12:55AM)
Just a suggestion...
Message: Posted by: JoshRyan (Jan 31, 2016 02:01AM)
[quote]On Jan 31, 2016, Taterini wrote:
Just a suggestion...
http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=575042&forum=26 [/quote]

That's a nice looking table.
Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Feb 4, 2016 05:21PM)
Instead of a suitcase table, I use two setups. One is a large plastic tote on a restaurant tray stand. The other is a catalog case, that sits on a 30" folding stool.
Message: Posted by: JoshRyan (Feb 10, 2016 10:23PM)
I found a solution. You can securely attach any case or table top to a music stand using a copper male pipe fitting nipple (5" length, 1" diameter) and a flange ($20). See the photo. I just removed the entire upper shaft of the music stand and inserted the pipe fitting (after I painted it black). I reinforced the inside and bottom of the suitcase with 2 sheets of aluminum ($4).
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Apr 10, 2016 12:53PM)
What exactly do you mean by "large flange". do you have a link to one ?

Message: Posted by: JoshRyan (May 2, 2016 05:52AM)
Here's the photo. It works great.
Message: Posted by: Stephen Wilbury (Jun 1, 2016 11:01PM)
I ended up screwing a piece of MDF to a tripod base the invert the suitcase on top of the table/tirpod arangement