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Topic: Update on Dad
Message: Posted by: martini (Mar 5, 2004 07:48PM)
Charles here with an update as a lot of people seem to be calling and e-mailing about not getting a hold of Dad in the past few days.
Dad, better known to all of you as Martini (Marty) had a bad case of Pneumonia with fluid in both lungs.
The hospital finally agreed to release him with medication and an oxygen tank if we promised to keep him down and quiet.
Well, for those of you who know Dad, that has been a task. He is coming along well, and the doctor today confirmed one lung sounds clear, but there is still a strong gurgle in the other, so he is not fully out of the woods yet.
His spirits are still strong, and he is finally joking a little, but we can tell this took him for a loop. He still needs rest, and my brother Martin and I will be responding to any e-mails and calls until Dad gets back on his feet. If your need to reach us is important, please use either the PM here, which I will monitor a couple of times a day, or e-mail to martinismagic@hotmail.com
As far as we have been able to keep track of, all orders have been sent out, and everything is up to date that we know of. If you have been waiting on something that has not arrived, let me know and I will personally look into it immediately for you.
Mom, myself and our family thank you for your understanding during this situation.
Charles Grams
Message: Posted by: Chrystal (Mar 5, 2004 10:47PM)
Charles and Martin,

You are in my thoughts at this time as is the rest of your family. The magic community is very supportive of it's members and I hope you pass on my good wishes to your dad. I hope he is on the road to recovery.

Message: Posted by: Vincent (Mar 6, 2004 04:52AM)

I hope that your dad makes a speedy recovery.

It sounds like he has the most important medicine available to him.
His family's love and attention.

I can also see that he is looked at in a kind light by the members of The Café.
He has their support as well.

Take Care,

Vincent :die: :magicrabbit: :die:
Message: Posted by: martini (Mar 6, 2004 10:19AM)
Chrystal & Vincent,
Thank you for the kind words, I will pass them and your get well wishes onto Dad.
Charles Grams
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Mar 6, 2004 11:59AM)
Please tell him that Steve Thomas from Mississippi says to GET WELL QUICKLY!

Steve Thomas
Message: Posted by: martini (Mar 8, 2004 04:02PM)
Steve, I have passed your get well wishes onto Dad, many thanks.
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Mar 9, 2004 05:48PM)
Best wishes on a speedy recovery. Your Dad is one of the nicest people I have met in magic. oblique
Message: Posted by: martini (Mar 10, 2004 05:39PM)
Thank You Oblique, it is most kind of you, I will pass your greetings and get well wishes onto Dad.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Mar 11, 2004 02:28PM)
Charles, Please tell your dad that old Mumblepeas (Harry Murphy) is praying for his speedy recovery. I wish him well and am looking forward to seeing him in a few months for some laughs and giggles!

I thank goodness that he has a loving family that can step in and give him the love and support he needs.
Message: Posted by: martini (Mar 11, 2004 08:19PM)
Thank You Harry, I will pass that along to Dad. He is coming along well. Today his X-ray showed approx. 10% fluid in one lung, the other lung is now clear. His medication had to be changed to keep him from coughing as the constant coughing to bring up the fluid caused him to crack a rib. Between the antibiotics, pain killers, and other medications, he is very groggy but coming along well.
Dad writes notes to me when he is awake, and I update him on all the get well wishes and calls.
I know he cannot wait to get back on his feet shortly.
Many Thanks

UPDATE: March 19, 2004

First off a big Thank You from Dad, myself and the family for all the cards, letters, calls and e-mails wishing Dad a speedy recovery. They were all most appreciated.
Dad's last X-ray (yesterday) showed both lungs are now clear. He still has medication through monday, and then the doctors want him to rest for at least a week before he gets back to full swing.
He is weak, but starting to move about more and more each day. The cough is just about gone, though the rib is still sore. Finally, he has an appetite back and is eating more each day instead of just soup.
Prognossis, is a good recovery. He will probably log on himself sometime this weekend to personally Thank everyone for their get well wishes and prayers.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Mar 19, 2004 02:26PM)
That is great news! I think that this calls for some of his famous home brewed beer! Of course I am of the belief that beer cures almost anything and what it doesn’t cure doesn’t matter!

Honestly, I am so happy to hear that your dad (and my friend) is out of the woods. I only hope that you all can keep him in bed and resting!

Good news! Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Mar 19, 2004 02:34PM)
That's terrific news, Charles. You know what they say, "You can't keep a good man down" and your dad is one of the best. Our prayers continue for his total and complete recovery.
Message: Posted by: martini (Mar 20, 2004 02:13PM)
Greetings everyone;
I am recovering very well and want to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every one of you who had sent cards, e-mails, calls and especially prayers. It is nice to know that I have so many friends out there that worry about me.
As Charles has updated in past postings for me, I am out of the woods, no more fluid in the lungs, but very weak and still sore from the coughing and rib. It will probably be a couple weeks till I am back in full swing again, but my strength is improving daily.
One of the good things to come out of this is I lost about 27 lbs., It was a scary way to lose weight, but I have to look on the bright side.
Harry, I plan on opening the homebrew as soon as I come off the antibiotics, I will finish them up on Tuesday. (That's the antibiotics, the beer I plan on savoring for some time now that my taste buds are coming back to me).
Again I just want to say Thank You to everyone who was concerned.
All the Best
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Mar 20, 2004 03:18PM)
Whew! What a scare! Marty, I'm glad to see you back. Still don't overdo it man! Take it easy and regain your strength. What a crazy way to loose weight!

Have a sip of beer for me! You are still in my prayers for a full and speedy recovery.