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Topic: Cigarette Through Shirt (Instructions Needed)
Message: Posted by: BrainMagos (Feb 14, 2016 07:33AM)
I would like to know if someone could point me toward properly learning this effect as it's one of those things that you learn when you can a TT but since it gets so much reaction I would like to learn from someone else to see if there are things that I can improve. I also would like to know of tips for the TT not to keep melting. Please let me know if this is properly covered in a book or dvd. Thank you.
Message: Posted by: BrainMagos (Feb 14, 2016 06:11PM)
Anyone please?
Message: Posted by: Low Key (Feb 16, 2016 04:30PM)
Tried Tarbell?
Volume 1, I think.

Have you tried lining the TT with foil. Play with it a bit to see how much you need.

Sorry if that's all too basic :)
Message: Posted by: BrainMagos (Feb 18, 2016 03:43PM)
Well thanks still as no one else responded...Will buy the Tarbell Books and see.