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Topic: One of the world's top comedy magicians in the hospital (PICTURE)
Message: Posted by: magicusb (Feb 25, 2016 06:48AM)
Latest News... Comedy magician Joe Monti hit by a car. VERY BAD CONDITION. America's health insurance is horrible. Most countries in the world he would be taken care of free as a right not a privilege. Companies make money when they cut their payments.

Hey Joe! Couldn't you wait till you traveled out of the country for this?

Our friend, a great and giving man needs help with medical debt that the insurance company won't pay. Please help if you can.

Joe's knee has the tibia broken/split behind the kneecap and will probably require surgery. A break like this is most complicated because it's in the area of the leg that will determine how he's able to walk in the future.

He makes his living from physical comedy magic, which requires full body movement, an injury like this could determine if he can continue with his work.


This fund was created to help cover the deductibles and medical costs not covered by insurance.

Our best to his loving family. Please help.

Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz
Message: Posted by: magicusb (Mar 13, 2016 10:00AM)
Thanks to all.

The Joe Monti Medical Bills Fund

Need just a few more donations to go over the top!!!

$9,398 of $10k
Raised by 179 people in 18 days


Please Donate Now

Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz