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Topic: "The Best Nest" - Great Scott's Borrowed Ring in Nest of Boxes Routine
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Mar 1, 2016 09:06PM)
I've been performing my borrowed finger ring in nest of boxes routine in my parlor, platform and stage shows for nearly 30 years, and it has never failed to earn a wonderful response. It has been the closer of one of my acts, and the next to last routine in another since the late 1980s. Over that amount of time, everything that could go wrong has, and all the little gags and bits of business--that one discovers work or don't work only in the fires of real-world performance--have been carefully filtered to the point that this is one of my most polished routines. It is fun, funny, magical, and involves 3 audience participants, one of whom contributes a valued personal treasure. This appeared in abbreviated form in one of my hard copy books back in the late 1990s, but here I have held nothing back and left no stone un-turned. It plays incredibly well for all types of audiences, from kids to families to corporate banquets to public shows. I can't imagine anyone who performs magic for real people purchasing this and being disappointed.

The official ad copy is pasted below. This is a 54-page book with color photos, and I give you extremely thorough instructions for both constructing your own set of boxes and for the routine itself, including my complete comedy script. The price is just $10. It should be available sometime Friday on my page at Lybrary (link in my signature block).

THE BEST NEST - Scott's Borrowed Ring in Nest of Boxes Routine is an absolute treasure! One of his pet performance pieces, you can use the routine with virtually any existing marketed set, or make up the DIY set as Scott explains, and save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars! Scott has honed this routine over decades of performances, and it clearly shows. Every little detail and nuance is given, along with subtleties and convincers that you won't find anywhere else--including a really easy and really sneaky way of making the audience believe the nest of boxes has been freely and completely displayed on every side! As if all this were not enough, Scott includes his complete script, with all the byplay and bits of business that turn a simple trick into a powerhouse professional routine.

If you perform parlor or platform shows, you will LOVE (and USE) this!

[*]The routine is very easy from a technical standpoint. If you can finger-palm a small object, you can perform [b]The Best Nest.[/b]
[*]The nest of boxes is brought into view BEFORE the ring is vanished.
[*]Three different audience members participate in the routine.
[*]Very detailed instructions for constructing the nest are included, along with helpful photo illustrations, as well as sources for the required materials.
[*] The entire set with everything you need can be put together for under $50. If you already have some of the items (very likely, if you've been doing magic for any length of time), it will cost as little as $12-13!
[*]The prop construction and preparation can easily be completed in one evening. The resulting set will allow you to accomplish an effect as good or better than professionally prefabricated sets costing upwards of thousands of dollars.

[i]"This is OUTSTANDING! I like the budget DIY aspect of this. A pro with quality props gets a great routine and the guy just starting out can make this up for next to nothing."[/i] - Darrin Cook

[i]"Great routine!! I love the structure, moves, and humor. I agree with your assessment about the benefits of your routine at the beginning: price, lack of assistance required, and deceptiveness make this top notch! Also, I really like the landscape layout! That's my biggest beef with most magic PDFs since I usually use my iPad in landscape mode, and yours is correct. A small touch, but I love it. GREAT routine!"[/i] - Jeff Kowalk

COMING SOON to Scott's Lybrary Page: www.lybrary.com/scott-f-guinn-m-235.html
Message: Posted by: Darrin Cook (Mar 2, 2016 11:51AM)
I have seen Scott perform this at a banquet show, and it kills. If anything, this routine has only gotten better in the years since I saw it (and I still remember it vividly). This is a real-deal routine, and now even more affordable in that you can make up the props yourself.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Mar 3, 2016 02:31PM)
Now available!

Message: Posted by: Delimbeau (Dec 17, 2016 04:16AM)
Very nice. Thank you!
Message: Posted by: Ustaad (Dec 22, 2016 03:07AM)
This sounds very good and promising. How did I miss this thread.

Quite a few years ago I had purchased lots of magic directly from Scott. All were workers and were very reasonably priced. I am sure "The Best Nest" will also live up to Scott's exclusive reputation.

I have most of Scott's creations and I'll be adding this one soon.

Message: Posted by: tctahoe (Dec 24, 2016 03:47PM)
This looks great!