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Topic: What Is Going On With Dealer's Websites?
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Mar 3, 2016 03:03PM)
I went to Stevens Magic to check out my wish list, and found they went to a new security system for account holders. I had to sign up all over again, so my wish list was totally lost. But, I never got that far, it seems they are going overboard on the password log in. Every password I knew I could remember was rejected. It looks like you need 12 characters or more and they have to mixed with all types of characters, numbers, upper and lower case, and symbols.

After a dozen tries, I finally gave up.

Now I get an email form Viking Magic/Collector's Workshop, they have changed ISPs and deleted all my wish lists as well. Again, I tried to establish a new account, and the same thing as with Stevens Magic. Nothing I enter was acceptable.

There is no way a person or myself could remember a mixed jumble of characters and easily enter it quickly each time. This is totally over kill on their part. Nothing is acceptable within reason.

At least eBay will let you go ahead and enter a not so safe combination characters. But these magic sites will not.

Guess they don't want our business.

I know there is software password apps and programs, I have looked into them, and they are just as hard to get into. Some even keep your information on an unknown server, now how safe is that. Then, if your hard drive crashes, you still lost every password you set up. Being they stick it on the consumer and force them to comply, they just don't our business.

This is just so ridiculous, just installed Windows 10, is junk, but that is another story. They make you sign into Xbox, then they let every member see your information. So I started getting spam and dirty emails. So the hackers just join Xbox and get the information that way. How is that secure.

This is just nuts!
Message: Posted by: stempleton (Mar 6, 2016 06:39PM)
Bill, I agree. Seems every time I find a password I can remember, the rules change. But there is good news... several articles I've read lately describe the "password" going the way of the 8-track tape. If you don't like Windows now, wait till you have to plug in a thumb pad to sign in to your sites!