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Topic: WildColombini order
Message: Posted by: Watson (Mar 7, 2016 04:53PM)
Hope this is the right place. Just wanted to thank WildColombini Magic for my 6 dvd order. Had a problem with delivery, took almost a full month to arrive after shipping. No damage, appears to be great value for the money. Can't wait to dive in. Thanks again WildColombini Magic.

Message: Posted by: IMAGINACIAN (Mar 8, 2016 07:00AM)
In the recent past I had got the special order twice. And each time received on time and no issues. And the material is top notch. Wildcolombini always delivers.
Message: Posted by: motown (Apr 17, 2016 10:58PM)
Aldo's DVDs have always offered a lot of value for the money.
Message: Posted by: mrsmiles (Apr 25, 2016 09:54AM)
Aldo's material is first class - and delivered in that unique, warm & friendly manner that was Aldo's trademark. He has left a great legacy to magic - and for new and future customers.
Message: Posted by: dmathisen (May 3, 2016 10:05AM)

I just got my order from Wild Colombini magic. It took 2 weeks from order to receipt and the response to my inquiry about order status was atypically sluggish (not like my previous orders).

I was surprised that my order was shipped from Mexico. I wonder if the web order operation has been outsourced?
Message: Posted by: dmathisen (May 3, 2016 05:57PM)
I just checked the packaging again and the shipment came from Spain