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Topic: Requiem - Two Innovative Approaches to the "Memorized" Deck
Message: Posted by: DrewBstoss (Mar 15, 2016 04:01PM)
Just thought I'd let everyone know that this is now available direct from me, lybrary.com, and Penguin (for today at least it's a Cool Box deal).


PRICE: $18 (PDF download)

"If you are at all curious about Memorized Deck work, you need to read 'Requiem'... interesting, informative, and inspirational."

-Dan Harlan

Professionals all over the world understand the devastating impact that a memorized deck can have on their audiences. It's a tool with unlimited potential - it allows for a myriad of immaculately clean card locations, revelations, and more.

But, until now, it's been a difficult tool to master.

"Requiem - Two Innovative Approaches to the 'Memorized' Deck" puts the incredible world of memorized deck work within ANYONE'S reach. Not only that, but it gives you the building blocks to create your own CUSTOMIZED memorized stack.

Because no two minds work alike this eBook contains two VERY different stack systems that allow you to know the position of any card and the card at any position in what passes as a thoroughly shuffled deck.

The "Base Stack" is the first system explained and it functions as an algorithmic stack - meaning that some basic math guides you to the information that you need.

One of the most interesting features of this stack is that it's constructed on a set of "bases". As long as you can effective manage these "bases" you can place them in ANY sequence that you want. As strange as it sounds, this means that there are over 6.2 BILLION permutations to the standard "Base Stack" that require only one slight mental adjustment. This stack is literally a malleable chameleon that you can make your own.

The "Panacea Stack" is the second system shared and it's truly the LAMBORGHINI of all such stacks! No doubt most readers will consider this to be the EASIEST and MOST EXCITING stack ever created.

Within MINUTES of learning the system you'll INSTANTLY know the value of the card at any position (and vice versa). Then after choosing one of the five "Suit Randomizing Systems" explained you'll be fully up and running and well on your way to complete mastery.

Once the system is completely understood it requires NO math because the entire stack is built on RELATIONSHIPS and EASILY acquired mnemonics.


Possibly the most exciting aspect of the "Panacea Stack" is that with just a bit more effort you'll find it easy to drop "the rules" and move forward to GENUINE memorization - hands down THE BEST way to leverage a memorized stack.

The miracles possible with a memorized deck have NEVER been so attainable!

NOTE: This expanded SECOND EDITION of "Requiem" includes a new supplement that's packed FULL of even more information, tips, and alternative handling options to make sure that you get the most out of these systems.

Here's some praise that "Requiem" has received:

"[The Panacea Stack] has it all! It's rigorously examine-able. It's easy. Within minutes of processing this system, I could name any card at any number and vice versa.... It makes so much sense that memorizing it is easy. And it's perfect for face up dealing and card calling.... this is the best memorized deck system I've ever seen."

-ProfessorJinksy (member of The Magic Café)

"[The Panacea Stack] is really powerful. A nine year old child could have the basics mastered in 10 or 15 minutes. I taught my wife in less time, while driving, and she was able to tell me the location of almost every card in the deck.

[Then] I set the deck up in order and ribbon spread it for some close friends. I told them that there was a stack and after a few minutes they still couldn't figure it out. That's after they knew it was in a stack.

That's a lot of power for very little work. This is really something special."

-Joshua Burch

"[Requiem] features a breathtakingly professional writing style and really delivers! [The Panacea Stack] is a notch better disguised than the QuickerStack at a manageable effort - that's surely what many users were looking for! Keep up the nice thinking Drew!"

-Felix Schellenberg

"Drew has made up [the Panacea Stack] to appeal to whatever works best for you. It's one stack with a few different ways to work it. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not wired for mem-deck work, but with Drew's stack and some work, I think I'll get there. Drew has really put a lot of work into this stack and it shows."

-Tom G (member of The Magic Café)

"The Panacea system is really pretty great. After reading through the system, almost immediately you can name the card value at any number. Then, after choosing a suit order system (there are five in the book), you can name any card's position and vice versa. All in all, a very cool approach and I can see myself using it."

-Last Laugh (member of The Magic Café)

"The Base Stack gives you a framework for developing your own type of a non-tetradistic stack. It's a new approach for a math based stack - IMHO an uncut diamond for stack aficionados."

- Dr. Hans-Christian Solka

"[The Panacea Stack] is the best, fastest, and easiest full deck stack I've learned so far. Cannot recommend it enough, INSTANT buy."

-Yehonatan Yosefi
Message: Posted by: DrewBstoss (Mar 15, 2016 04:52PM)
And it may be helpful to refer to the thread on Latest and Greatest for more information and reviews:

Message: Posted by: pabloinus (Mar 16, 2016 09:30AM)
It is sold out at cool box in penguin, $10 would be ok for it, maybe next time...
Message: Posted by: DrewBstoss (Mar 16, 2016 11:55AM)
Hi pablionus!

It may say "sold out" but I'm fairly confident that you can still pick it up for the $10 :)