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Topic: Weird Ad from Cuckoo's Nest Magic Shop
Message: Posted by: John Long (Mar 28, 2016 10:03AM)
I don't think I ever did any business with the Cuckoo's Nest Magic Shop, but recently got an email from them. Then today got the following request that I unsubscribe from their emails.

"Dear John Long
To all those asking us to unsubscribe you, please understand our situation and unsubscribe yourself.
This is a difficult time for us and future email will be about hours and status of the shop only."

Did someone hack their server? Is this a strange attempt to get me to contact them? Or are they just confused?
Message: Posted by: Timmyvie (Mar 28, 2016 09:26PM)
I received the same email today
Message: Posted by: John Long (Mar 28, 2016 09:49PM)
I guess no one likes us (:

I tried calling them today, but just got a recorded message.
Message: Posted by: John Long (Mar 30, 2016 11:47AM)
I finally got a hold of CN, and a man explained things to me.

Apparently it was a poorly written email. The intent was not to pressure someone to "unsubscribe" from their email list, but to inform people that if they wanted to get off the list, they should do it themselves. (CN was having some internal reasons why they wouldn't do it themselves)

Chalk this one up to "stuff" happens.

Now, back to magic!
Message: Posted by: stempleton (Mar 30, 2016 03:42PM)
Wow, I can see how the poorly written email would make you feel like you were being personally singled out.
Message: Posted by: FuzzyBoots (Jan 6, 2017 03:46PM)
Just to follow up a bit, the "situation" was that the owner died, and his wife is unable to maintain the shop. They're staying open for two days of the week (Wednesday and Saturday last I checked), but they're selling off the contents of the shop.