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Topic: Does it have to be funny?
Message: Posted by: ebackes88 (Apr 25, 2016 05:00PM)
I like the trick gemini twins, there's a version I do where you can do it with four cards. I believe it's Alan Ackermans' but I'm not sure. Anyways the point is, there is some dealing involved, which gives me a slow point in my otherwise fast paced act. While the cards are being dealt there is obviously some time where nothing is being said(unless you're counting). Should I insert some funny lines? Do the lines have to be funny? Is silence okay? Hope this makes sense.
Message: Posted by: KarstenMeyerhoff (May 6, 2016 02:15PM)
I'm convinced that a "slow point" to usw your own words is never a gold thing - unless you use it to build some tension before a climax. Form your description I'd say that is not the case in your routine. A joke for the sake of a joke is not it either - unless the rest of your routine is humorous, too. So: At that point in your routine, where do you want your spectators attention? Why? What do they need to remember? What do they need to forget? Is a reiteration in order? Or a real or a pseudo-explanation for the dealing-process? Or a quip about how you hate card-tricks that require a lot of dealing ... Hope this gives you an idea or two.
Message: Posted by: friend2cptsolo (May 7, 2016 08:43PM)
You could wistle the Jepardy tune....it kills time... it gets a laugh
Is you style fitting of something like this.
Message: Posted by: Gordon the discombobulator (Dec 6, 2017 07:18AM)
I have people think it really funny to deal right down to the very last card.

One little gem I heard was:

I wonder when NOW would be a good time to stop dealing.
Message: Posted by: Gordon the discombobulator (Dec 6, 2017 07:26AM)
If innuendo suits your style and suits the occasion you can refer to them 'going all the way' and we only just met.
Message: Posted by: danaruns (Dec 6, 2017 06:05PM)
Just make everyone count out loud -- loudly! -- with you. No silence, and audience participation.
Message: Posted by: MazingMandy (Mar 22, 2018 11:41AM)
Nothing says Entertainment more than counting out loud.

Just chat naturally with people during this time, don't force it.
Message: Posted by: EZrhythm (Apr 4, 2018 03:07PM)
Are you humorous in other parts of the routine or performance?
Do you have a character traits that you act out or bring in to your routines?
If not, do you want to begin doing so?

Who is doing the dealing?

Assistant- "You count very well, do you work at a bank?" Are you drug dealer? Accountant? School teacher? Etc. depending on your audience.

You- I am getting good at this counting, I should work at a bank. ...Be a drug dealer, accountant, school teacher, etc....

*Break from counting and ask, such as, "What comes after five?" They then say "Six".
You say- Okay, I just wanted to see if we are paying attention.
...No, DRINKS come after five!
Message: Posted by: debjit (Aug 22, 2018 06:39AM)
[quote]On May 8, 2016, friend2cptsolo wrote:
You could wistle the Jepardy tune....it kills time... it gets a laugh
Is you style fitting of something like this. [/quote]

This is a pretty funny idea. Need to learn how to whistle now ;)