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Topic: Oracle - a performance piece with a pendulum
Message: Posted by: Simon C (May 2, 2016 08:42AM)
Hi all,

Just want to give people the heads up about an imminent release.

Oracle is a multi phase routine utilising a deck of cards and a pendulum.

First, a pendulum is used to find determine which card a spectator has chosen.
The pendulum is then offered to the audience and used to answer questions and illustrate the power of the mind.
Next, a card is lost and again found via dowsing.
Finally, the pendulum reveals the mere thoughts of one spectator in a way that will guarantee stunned silence.

Will be available for 10 at www.cainemindreader.com in a very short while.

Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (May 2, 2016 10:23AM)
Hello Simon,
If you already determine which card a spectator has chosen why would you do it again by lossing another card in the deck and uhhhhh finding that one? You have already proved that the pendulum can locate a card...... Either a chosen card placed in the deck or mixed with a few on the table, it is still the same effect. Yes?

People who have use a pendulum for years can already do everything that you wrote.......... What is new about the way that you do it?

Message: Posted by: Simon C (May 2, 2016 12:34PM)
It's not a case of just repeating the same effect over again, maybe my description wasn't clear, sorry.
First, the cards identity is divined with the pendulum. Next, it is mixed into a small packet and its location is found. The third phase is entirely different,
Message: Posted by: Simon C (May 7, 2016 11:35AM)
Just to let you know,

Oracle has just been released at www.cainemindreader.com

From early reviews:
"Just read it through properly. It's lovely! Really nice. I can see me doing this late at night round a dinner party table. Really nice work and I can see this having a powerful effect on participants and spectators alike. Will get great reactions." - Thom Chesser
"This is the absolute nuts. I'll be performing it constantly!!" - Aaron Phillips

Hope you enjoy it!

Simon C