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Topic: SD Poker App based on Pit Hartlings-The Poker Formulas
Message: Posted by: Manipul8or (May 27, 2016 10:06AM)
I have been playing around with the SD Poker app and I have to say in its current form, it is very useful. There are some really cool features built in and is a nice addition to Hartling's "The Poker Formulas" which is found in his book "In Order to Amaze". The book and this app deal with memdeck work. My personal opinion; if you have a copy of "In Order to Amaze" you should grab yourself this app, it is well worth it.

You don't need an Internet connection. Aronson and Tamariz stack built in. You can also add in up to 10 other memdecks. There are options to tweak how many seconds have to be dealt, a stealth mode, a continuous mode and a few more. The stealth mode and continuous mode are for me the killer options. So check it out you will not be disappointed. At the moment it's only for iOS.

Message: Posted by: jaizon (Jun 4, 2016 02:46PM)
Thanks for the tip. ;)