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Topic: Old time Clown act
Message: Posted by: Leslie Melville (Jun 23, 2016 02:21PM)
I am researching information on an act I saw forty odd years ago.

Two 'August' red nosed clowns decked out in exotic feathered costume conducting a comedy courtship with the aid of 'Ventrillo' type 'Bird Warblers'.

The entire 'dialogue' consisted of bird sounds, the body language conveying the changing emotions of the 'boy' initially chatting up the coy 'girl'. She in turn succumbs to the flattery, first beginning to cosy up - and then becoming annoyed - giving him a sharp and lengthy rebuke as he takes liberties!

He becomes contrite, apologises and produces a bunch of flowers, resulting in her forgiveness and they leave the stage/circus ring together, re-united in their mutual affection!

The whole piece, about six minutes long, was set to music and beautifully portrayed!
Does anyone remember the name of the act? And/or have a clip?

I would be most grateful. Thanks.

Message: Posted by: thomhaha (Aug 18, 2016 07:56PM)
That sounds familiar, but I haven't been able to locate it. Two places I thought of: sounds like something either from or parodying The Magic Flute: sounds like something the clowns from Pickle Family Circus did. Could not confirm either.