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Topic: Frank's Magic Cafe Idea
Message: Posted by: francis farrell (Jun 30, 2002 04:04AM)
I am an amateur magician. In a couple of weeks I am helping at a fete for a local group I belong to.

I'd already decided on my tricks and then began to think about the routine. I won't be doing a show but will have a stall. So, I'm going to try NOT to have a routine. Instead I am going to whizz up some menus on my PC. People at the fete can buy a trick. I'm jazzing up the names of the tricks to make them sound appealing. So, for example, I do a version of Out of This World, using half a deck. I'm going to put that on the menu as Test Your ESP (as seen on Ghostbusters).

The trick are all ones that don't need setting up, so it won't matter about repeating them (although I may make a house rule that says no trick will be repeated immediately). I have one trick that does need a stacked deck, so that's going to be a 'Chef's special'. That means I'll make a big thing out of opening a special package to do the trick. The package will have the stacked deck in it. I'll make up three or four of these. Once they're done the special is off.

I could also offer a discount for those who buy several tricks. Or even offer a set menu...mind you, that brings me back to routining, which is where I began.

I'll let you know how it goes (two weeks off) and would appreciate any comments.
Message: Posted by: Alan Wheeler (Jul 6, 2002 02:22AM)
I recently had some very good advice about always doing effects in sets or acts, with unity, flow, and transition between the effects. Each mini-act or set would ideally have 3 routines in it.

If this idea is worth pursuing for you too, you might have a few "A la Carte" or "Side Orders" on your menu, but you could feature full course meals or "Platters" that come with appetizers (a quick, flashy opening), a couple meat/vegtable dishes and desert (a closing effect).

I just offer this thought because I thought the advice to avoid doing isolated effects was VERY good.

Just passing along what was shared with me...

Message: Posted by: amshake (Jul 7, 2002 02:58PM)
Sounds like it would be a blast!! you could pull it off at many different occasions... county fairs, festivals, etc.. carnivals.. school fundraisers.. that kinda thing!!
Message: Posted by: squando (Aug 25, 2005 04:28PM)
I agree. A modular approach seems to work well.
Message: Posted by: Beth (Aug 26, 2005 12:08PM)
I love this idea and I would do the modular approach as well... I do a school carnival every yr and I may borrow your booth idea as it sounds like a great approach ...that is if you don't mind :)
Peace Beth