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Topic: ISO a Few Tenyo
Message: Posted by: MadisonH (Jul 16, 2016 11:08PM)
There are some Tenyos out there that I don't have which I would love to add to my collection. Please PM if you have one or more of these that you'd be willing to sell:

Prison Box
Mobile Illusion
Tricky Business
Match Sticks
Fadeaway case
Side Track
Ribbon forever
Card Changer
Floating Lady
Ultra Tube
Message: Posted by: edshern (Jul 17, 2016 10:06PM)
Nice wish list :)
Message: Posted by: Nicolino (Jul 19, 2016 03:36PM)
Those were the days...
Message: Posted by: kwarren (Jul 20, 2016 06:50PM)
If only Tenyo would return to those day. Ingenious micro illusions seem to be a thing of the past for them now. :-(
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Jul 21, 2016 01:07PM)
They are still producing "ingenious" micro illusions, but they are also responding to the desires of their main customer base--laymen in Japan, as well as adjusting to the increased costs. Laymen will pay $12 to $19 for a Tenyo trick, but not $25 to $35.
Message: Posted by: wally (Oct 12, 2016 03:13AM)
I have Brand new Tenyo prison box and new mobile illusion, Thinking of selling, anyone looking for these, magicwalsh@gmail.c
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Oct 13, 2016 05:27PM)
Madison, I have dupes of most if not all of those items. Send me a list at moobooks@verizon.net with the prices you're willing to pay. But don't lowball the prices.