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Topic: DIY Chop Cup
Message: Posted by: Yellowcustard (Aug 1, 2016 08:38PM)
Recently I have been looking at the similarities and unique points of cup and balls, chop cup, 3 shell game and 3 ball and a net. When I saw this cup in a op shop I knew it would be useful. Dose any information regarding converting cups in to chop cup like magnet strength or is it trail and error?
Message: Posted by: Yellowcustard (Aug 1, 2016 08:41PM)
Heres is one more image up rigth
Message: Posted by: friend2cptsolo (Aug 2, 2016 09:00AM)
I think if you go with a rare earth magnet it will just be too strong UNLESS the size was fairly small, enough power to hold the ball but not so much it will not drop at the right time. I would purchase from this site possibly http://www.forcefieldmagnets.com/catalog/
because the prices are great and you can experiment with many size options and shapes and not spend too much money.
Message: Posted by: BeThePlunk (Aug 2, 2016 10:44AM)
I've made a few of my own chop cups. A while ago, I purchased a stack of neodymium (rare earth) magnets and I've had luck with them every time. Mine are about the diameter of a nickle and quite thin -- maybe 3/32nds of and inch. Pair them with a RNT2 adjustable ball and you'll be just fine.

I find that a glue gun works well for sticking the magnet in place. Because you might have trouble putting the magnet in place with your fingers, put a loop of masking tape on the end of the dowel. Put a drop of glue on the underside of the magnet and stick teh upside of the magnet to the dowel. Lower the magnet into place and leave it until your glue dries.

I usually spray paint the magnet first to approximate the color of the inside of the cup -- for instance, a dusting of gray and a spritz of black has gotten me close to the color of aluminum. Another time I aged some copper cups with verdigris and then gave the magnet and the inside a shot of flat black. Experiment and keep doing it over until you like it.

As long as you make all of your decision before you glue, you won't ruin the cup you like so much.

Good luck.
Message: Posted by: TheRaven (Aug 4, 2016 08:05PM)
Trial and error
The cup needs to be non ferrous to begin with.
The m can be in the ball or cup
Message: Posted by: LoganPorterMagic (Oct 6, 2016 07:36PM)
Anyone know where I can find a chop MUG?
Message: Posted by: ZachDavenport (Oct 6, 2016 09:46PM)
There's a starbucks chop mug on vanishinginc.com
Message: Posted by: TheRaven (Oct 9, 2016 10:33AM)
What is the material of the cup? Is it ferrous? Is the bottom ferrous but not the sides? First question is should the M go in the cup or the ball? If the cup, next question is how to hide it. Is the bottom of the cup flat? Curved? If flat, I have cut a thin round plate to fit as a false bottom with the M sandwiched between. Finally strength of the M is mostly trial and error.