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Topic: App for revelations in photos justt aken
Message: Posted by: niva (Aug 5, 2016 04:08AM)
Are there any apps out there that allow you to take a photo and a revelation is shown inside the just taken photo. There was a trick a while back by Mike Bent called "Say Cheese" which used a Polaroid camera. I am looking for something similar but using a mobile's camera.

Message: Posted by: neoinwonderland (Sep 3, 2016 02:48AM)
There is an app for the iPhone in the app store called Ghost-Card. It allows you to photograph a prediction card held in your hand (in the example picture you see a card held next to the spectator) and be correct every time.

For Android I currently have no idea. I only know there is an app called Foto Prediction which allows you to use your own photo's for multiple outs. Apparently the photo ends up in your recent photo's (I am not sure it is just a conclusion from reviews) which might allow you to make it appear as if the photo has just been taken.

I don't have any experience with any of the apps but I heard from a review they are pretty good. Might be worth checking them out.
Message: Posted by: ursmagicbalu (Sep 3, 2016 04:20PM)
One blank card app suits ur need