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Topic: Going To Magic Live Vegas? Meet & Perform with Me !!!
Message: Posted by: TheRealMagicMike (Aug 12, 2016 01:12PM)
If you're going to Magic Live this week you're invited to come down to the Paris Hotel Casino on Saturday and/or Sunday night and perform a trick during my street show. I'll be in front of the "Paris" (my usual location) from 8:30pm until midnight. I do between 4 and 5 shows per hour; polish up your best trick and come down and join me (I'll be the guy with the hat, although no other magician has a show near me). I should be able to accommodate everyone who wants to perform a trick... should be a fun experience, especially for those "non-street performer" magicians.

I'll be at the conference some during each day, but will still be performing my show in the evenings. Hope to see you!!!
Message: Posted by: donj4 (Sep 14, 2016 12:40PM)
I'm going to be in Vegas the week of November 19th thru the 25th is there anything I could see then as far as magic conventions and the like. I've seen the regular magic performers. I'm looking for something I could do and maybe purchase new items while I'm there. Thanks Don. p.s. I'm in Vegas at least once a year for a week for the past several years.