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Topic: Magic with a give-away
Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Sep 1, 2016 01:43AM)
Hi. My church is asking for ideas for booths for a confirmation event. I would love to do a magic booth with a religious effect that includes a little religious give-away. the give-away would need to be something very inexpensive. It could be a small cross, something written on paper, etc.

Any suggestions for a routine and give-away?

I would really like for the give-away to be a small cross, perhaps made of a couple pieces of wood tied together with a string.

thanks for you thoughts, and God bless.

Message: Posted by: plink (Sep 1, 2016 08:05AM)
Most Christian supply stores have many cheap give-aways. Something that is fun and cheap is to give out balloon sculptures. Most easy balloon sculptures can easily have a Christian connection: dog=faithful, rabbit=quick to forgive, turtle=slow to anger etc. A personal favorite is how people expected a Savior to have a great SWORD, but instead He showed us great love (invert sword to become a cross). There are many easy balloon ideas. Ralph Dewey, Christian balloonist, is very good.
Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Sep 1, 2016 08:57AM)
Thanks, Plink. I am thinking that I will make give-away crosses out of two pieces of wood and string.

I'm thinking maybe something where two pieces of wood and a piece of string are dropped into an empty bag and they come out a cross. I haven't worked out the logistics of the method, maybe a false bottom.

I also need a good, but short patter. Maybe something that centers around a single bible quote.

Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Sep 1, 2016 09:43AM)
One possibility is to have a cross sleeved, have them inspect an empty bag, drop two sticks and a string inside the bag, have some patter centered around a bible verse, reach in the bag and pull out a cross.

Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Sep 1, 2016 10:21AM)
Maybe I could have 2-3 effects. Here is another idea:

With a specially prepared deck of cards, I could fan the cards face up and have them name any card they see. That card is placed in their hands and have patter about "how strong is your faith?" The card in their hand now has a cross and perhaps a message written on it. Maybe the routine could be bit humorous. Here is a possible intro: "Someone once said 'life is like a box of chocolates'. I say life is like a deck of cards. With this deck of cards, you get to pick your card, just as you make choices in life. Every day is a new choice. You can walk with God or not. Go ahead and name any card you see... OK, good choice. For now, you have chosen the four of clubs. Open your hand like this..."

Another option to the above is to have a deck of double blank cards. They pick one from a "face" up spread. That card is placed in their hands and when they turn it over, it has a religious message on it. I could have different messages on different cards so the kids are really picking a unique message. They could compare their messages.

Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Sep 1, 2016 10:36AM)
OK, I think I have three ideas for a booth. I would still love to hear your thoughts and if you have additional ideas. Here is what I have so far:

I'm thinking I'll have three boxes on the table, numbered 1, 2, and 3. A participant selects one of the boxes. The box is opened, and inside are the props for the effect.

In the box is a bag, two sticks, and some string. They examine everything. The sticks are held together and the string is wrapped around the two sticks. They are dropped into the bag. The bag is given a little shake. They open their hands and the bag is very cleanly turned over so all the contents of the bag fall out. Out falls a little wooden cross for them to keep. I think I have the method, involving hidden magnets and perhaps sleeving. I'm still trying to figure out a very short patter to go along with this.

In the box is a deck of cards. Maybe regular cards, maybe blank face cards. The cards are fanned face up and the participant selects a card. That card is placed in their hands. They are asked to think about how their faith guides them in every day decisions. They turn over the card and it has a cross and a short message written on it.

In the box is a stack of cards with a rubber band around it. The stack is removed from the box and on the bottom, each card has a large cross drawn on it. I ask the participant for their name, and write it on the top of the card, or have them write it. The card is removed and placed in their hands. I then ask them what they think of when they think about how Jesus feels about all of us. They are likely to say something about "love". They look at the card and on top it has their name and on the bottom it says: "Jesus loves us all".

Number 2 and 3 seem a bit similar to me. However, all three have some elements that are important: For all three, I could easily have "refills" ready, I can easily and inexpensively make everything I need, they reset almost automatically, and they are pretty easy to perform, allowing me to focus on the participant and the message.

Again, I welcome your input. Thanks.

Message: Posted by: plink (Sep 1, 2016 11:43AM)
If you search you tube you can find how to 'origami' a palm frond into a cross. Many churches do this as a kid craft on Palm Sunday.
Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Sep 1, 2016 11:52AM)
Yes, that is a wonderful idea! On Palm Sunday I make palm crosses all day.
Message: Posted by: Rindfleisch (Sep 1, 2016 01:57PM)
You can perform "the gift" and talk about the gift we recieved through Jesus Christ. I sometimes present it this way.
Joe Rindfleisch
Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Sep 1, 2016 03:32PM)
Thanks. Can you think of a gift bag that works like a change bag?
Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Sep 2, 2016 12:03AM)
[quote]On Sep 1, 2016, Rindfleisch wrote:
You can perform "the gift" and talk about the gift we recieved through Jesus Christ. I sometimes present it this way.
Joe Rindfleisch [/quote]

I just figures out that you are talking about your effect "the gift". Thanks for the idea. I'd rather not give away rubber bands. I want to leave them with something they might keep, like a cross or an inspirational message.

Message: Posted by: mrpiper (Aug 14, 2017 07:06PM)
While this is a relatively old thread, I recently saw a great idea that may help someone. I saw a fellow FCM member with a great idea recently. He has MANY metal palming sized coins with scripture verses on them and the gospel message that were very inexpensive. I think he bought a gross and I am very sorry that I do not remember the source, but if someone here is interested, let me know and I will find out. He would place a penny in a child's palm and flip it over a couple of times then on the third flip, the penny would "turn into" a large silver coin with the verse on it. He said that the message of Jesus is like a coin of great value, referencing the parable. The child gets to keep the coin and shows it to everyone enthusiastically!
Message: Posted by: MagicBus (Aug 15, 2017 01:29PM)
Www.livingwaters.com still sells 50 aluminum giveaway coins (about the size of a half dollar) with The Ten Commandments on it for $8.00. I have seen the shiny steel/metal coins (about the size of a 50 cent piece also) before with John 3:16 on them but I do not know the source for those.
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Aug 26, 2017 09:11AM)
I got curious about Bible Verse Coins after reading a couple of posts above.

This website seems to offer a big variety:


- Donald