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Topic: Finale
Message: Posted by: magician81 (Mar 21, 2004 08:57AM)
Almost everytime on tv or live performances, I always find that performers like to end their show with snowstorm. pls dun get me wrong.....i feel that it is a very nice ending but when everyone does it, it seems like overdoing it.

so besides snowstorm, throw-streamers etc.....anyone can suggest some nice ideas for the ending....?

Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Mar 21, 2004 10:02AM)
What kind of act are you trying to end?
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Mar 21, 2004 11:19AM)
Zombie is right. Every act is different and you can not just plug in any old ending just for the sake of finishing the act. Let us know about your act, what your doing ij it, style of performance, character on stage etc. Once we have a better idea of what your act is about and what you are trying to accomplish, then we can offer some suggestions.

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Mar 21, 2004 04:07PM)
Alan Shaxon ends his act with Hyfrostatic glass.

I end my act with Duke's Dye Version, confette shooting and umbrella production.

Also use the Multiplying Bottles.

Then there is the jumbo watches.

A production is usually a good ending.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Mar 21, 2004 05:45PM)
But it really depends on the act and the build up leading into the finale. It also depends on your stage style and character and just exactly what reaction you are striving for as a performer. Just because a big ending works great for one performer, it does not mean it will work great for you in your act. You have to figure out youtr act and its pacing and see what fits best for you.

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Mar 21, 2004 10:13PM)
Geeee, I just perform trick that I know my audience and myself like. I neveer do a trick just to fit it into some idea.

The character is being an entainter appearing as a magician who does miracles.

Please tell me what Norm Nielsen's,Lance Burton, Neil Foster, Fred Kaps, Richard Ross, Mr. Electric character are?
Message: Posted by: DJ Trix (Mar 21, 2004 10:51PM)
I agree. most of the famous preformers like lance do not really have a character in there famous acts. But them on stage was sooo beautiful they didn't need it. I think the whole idea is one of today not yesterday! even though back in the day people like cardini had one!
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Mar 22, 2004 06:29AM)
They aall have a character. every last one of them knows exactly who they are and what they are on stage. They all have a defined style and a defined character on stage.

When I talk about character, it does not mean that every character has to be as obvious as you would in a play etc. Character can be a very subtle thing indeed. But every great act and every great magician has one and they know how to use it to the best of their ability.

An act without character or stytle is just a magician going through the motions impressing only him or herself. Will it work? Sure it will, but you can give so much more to your audience.

I also did not say what I said to get anyone mad or upset and I hope everyone realizes this. I always just state my own humble opinion and have it out there for discussion.

Too many magicians through an act together without giving it any real thought. I see too many of them making an act just simply to fool or show off. To me, this is the wrong way to go.

I am not saying anyone here does that, but it happens all too much.

Also, Lance Burton, Norm Nielson and the others do indeed have characters on stage.

Message: Posted by: maylor (Mar 22, 2004 01:41PM)
Absolutely. To say they don't have a character just doesn't make sense. How many times have you seen magicians trying to imitate the style of Lance Burton? Loads. And how many of those have actually looked any good? Very few. Not just because the magic isn't brilliant, but I also believe because the character hasnt been worked on enough or refined enough. They're trying to copy a style, character, persona which has been perfected by LAnce and which perhaps doesn't match their own persona.

Developing a character doesn't have to be an extremely overt process. Indeed, it is the little touches, underlying mannerisms and habits which really seperate a class act from an average one. I beleive there is nothing more boring than a magician with no personality, or perhaps even worse, a magician trying to be somebody he isn't.
Message: Posted by: Brent McLeod (Mar 22, 2004 02:07PM)
Back to the point in Question guys!!!!!

yujie -

Zombieboy is right-Are you serious/comedy act etc.

Personally ,Regardless of act, A production with Colour/Surprise is usually a nice format to finish!

Ive seen Square Circles done to music with loads of silks/Lanterns/Fishbowls/Flags all produced & draped across the stage/Platform, go down well with different crowds.

Sometimes a Small Illusion,Chair suspension etc finishes well,
If your doing comedy etc-always have 1 really good bafflingeffect to show that you are a Magician!!

Your best effect is Generally done last

Good Luck

Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Mar 22, 2004 02:38PM)
Whew! It does take some thinking about what kind of stand-up, small platform or stage act finale to have so that you end on a magical, and up-beat note!

Without going much into specific tricks I will share some of my thinking about how I look at tricks for my finale.

First, I want to use a trick that is “in one”. That is, I want to be on stage alone. I want to have the spotlight on me. I absolutely don’t want to have a spectator or two on stage with me. I then would have to have them applauded off the stage and that would be anti-climatic!

Second, I don’t want to have a mess to clean up. This is especially true if I am not the final act in a program. I have been followed by dancers and let me tell you that confetti, cards, and the like cause falls and potential injury. With rare exceptions, I won’t even do a card fountain if there is an act following me.

Third, I want to showcase my personality or character (upbeat, offbeat, and friendly) and my skill.

Forth, the final bit should bring real closure to the act.

Very often I place my strongest trick next-to-last in my program. I then do a “throw-away” to get me off stage.

For example, in one act (outlined elsewhere on this board) I produce a dove very early in the act (opener). I get into conflict with the dove during the act (it won’t stop coo-ing) so I take it, fold it up, and put it into my jacket pocket (it’s a latex dove switched in and a middle trick/gag).

I apparently end my act with a Cups and Balls routine and as I am bowing after the final loads (showing great skill!) I start to walk off stage then pause, turn to face the audience, and openly reach into my coat and pull out the living dove (invisible harness) for a magical surprise ending (and real closure to the act). It is a simple bit but closes the act well (completes a circle of a beginning, middle, and end), brings a smile and a laugh to the audience (and another round of applause for me!), and doesn’t step on the magic of the Cups and Balls.

But that’s just me. What are your critera?
Message: Posted by: magician81 (Mar 23, 2004 09:02AM)
Thxs for all the suggestions,

first, some brief intro on me. I'm a 22 undergrad in singapore. fell in love with magic at 19, and only have performed for family and friends. however, all the years I have been trying to put a 12 min stage act. I intended to perform for charity first in this coming july, and then see where I can go from there. I feel getting the experience is very important. so here my planned act:


1. flaming cane to streamers. I have the ultimate cane by peter loughran, but I'm not intending to perform the dancing cane. I will bring out the flaming cane, blow out the flame, and execute the vanishing to streamers. oh, btw I uses fantasio products. I think 'fire' is a good opener, as it captures attention and vanishing cane to streamer is a really colorful act. btw, before the opener, both my hands are loaded with cloaking device and FS2 gimmick.

2. as I already have the cloaking device in my right hand so after the opener and I will use it for a ribbon blendo effect.

3. I have jay scott berry's FS2 gimmick and I'm thinking of having it in my left hand at the start. so after the opener and ribbon blendo, I will go into a colour-changing sponge ball routine

4. rope routine: professor nightmare, followed by a cut & restored routine

5. airborne coke can

6. coke in newspaper

7. Tear & restored newspaper

8. now, I will pretend to be exhausted after performing all these, and I will take out a piece of paper and wipe my sweat. then I will proceed to do the tissue paper to egg(laxtex egg) and then switch it for a real egg. this is based on jarle lierpoll's toilet paper to egg

9. appearing and vanishing candle behind silk. I uses a fantasio vanishing candle.

10. now for the finale, I'm thinking of a color changing cane to singapore flag(red n white colour). red cane to white cane then to flag.

for all these above effects, I have all the necessary props(except the flag, which have to be custom-made)

as for music, I have order jay scott berry's music cd: back to ancient future, have not listen to the tracks yet as it still in the mail.will keep you all updated.

I agree with what many of you had said. I do not want to go on the stage and just show off my tricks,etc. so is there any books I can refer to on showmanship? and how do you all think of my finale?

any comments will be greatly appreciated,

Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Mar 23, 2004 10:24AM)
I would read the Fitzke book on Showmanship for the Magician. It is a great read and should be in everyone's library.

Message: Posted by: Doug Howe (Mar 25, 2004 12:23PM)
I'm working on "Magic and Showmanship - A Handbook for Conjurors" by Henning Nelms. There are lots of good performance tips in this book.

As for your finale, I assume that people are very patriotic in Singapore, so the flag production should be a hit. Perhaps you could load in some glitter or confetti into the flag when you fold it for your load. Hmmmm Canada's flag is also Red and White. Do you mind if I use your idea of the 2 canes to flag?
-=> Rubber Dougie <=-