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Topic: Blue crown.
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Sep 1, 2016 09:51PM)
In the past ,I have been a customer of the blue crown.Due to a computer mishap,
my downloads were lost.I wanted to recover them,butI cannot log in.
I emailed Blue crown twice about their site not taking my email address.
I even copied and pasted an old email
form them telling me they recieved my order for a download that I purchased .That email had
the same email address that their site rejects.Also I get emails about sales and new effects at that same address.Niether Of the emails were answered.I do not understand . Why is there no customer service? Is this common with this site?
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Sep 5, 2016 09:04PM)
I fouhd my flash drives so all is recovered.
At least I have discovered that I should not deal with the bule crown site.

Their products are quality but
i did not receive any responce from them.For me, No customer service equals no customer.