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Topic: Michael Ammar lecture
Message: Posted by: Doug Trouten (Sep 2, 2016 01:56PM)
I attended Michael Ammar's lecture in Minneapolis Sept. 1, and it was money well spent. It was a great night, and a great value. I'm sure most folks walked away with at least one strong item to add to their repertoire. Michael's reputation as today's foremost teacher of magic is well-deserved. While he's great on DVD, the chance to ask questions as he goes along adds a whole level of usefulness. He said his goal was to create a live lecture that was better than his "better than live" instructional videos, and I'd say he succeeded.

I was amazed to see that even when he's told you exactly what's going to happen, where to look, and when to look, it was still often hard to catch his moves -- even when he was purposely slowing down and demonstrating things for us. The "work" is so well-motivated, choreographed and covered that there's often simply nothing to catch. That itself was wonderful to see.