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Topic: Effects inspired by Tenyo-or so it seems.
Message: Posted by: radamwarner (Sep 4, 2016 12:09AM)
Hello everyone:
As one with an interest in Tenyo products. I have an interest in other original "micro-magic" effects that are not knock offs of Tenyo effects, but rather tricks that seem to be influenced by Tenyo. I am looking to learn more about this genre or magic and would appreciate any suggestions of tricks worth exploring. Thanks
Message: Posted by: Julie (Sep 9, 2016 02:56PM)
There's a plastic "Fu Manchu (Okito) Coin Box" with an Invisible Gimmick (extra load chamber along the lines of Owen's dollar size Okito Box insert) listed on the big auction site. It could certinly pass for a Tenyo product.

Message: Posted by: casinoboss (Sep 12, 2016 09:59AM)
Coin Penetration Tube and Magical Coin Coaster come to mind. I don't think either of these has ever been released by Tenyo.