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Topic: Wizard Clock by Amazing Dio
Message: Posted by: Harrismatic (Sep 22, 2016 09:19AM)
Wizard Clock by Amazing Dio

I have been cooperating with Amazing Dio consulting his mental show in Greece the last 2 years. We were always trying to incorporate an effect with a clock like that but we were dealing with problems with few things so we could not be 100% sure that it would work. Dio managed to create this extremely versatile product solving all the problems we dealt it.

I must highlight the fact that this effect was created for real performance conditions. Dio created it for the needs of his show but at the end the result was that good so he decided to produce and release it to the community.

Here is the info from http://www.amazingdio.com/products.php

The effect:

A standard wall clock (photo) is shown to be working correctly , the battery is removed from a spectator to stop the clock.
In your show this same spectator has a very important task , he must stop at some point your show using his intuition.
He can yeal "STOP" or he can clap his hands.
He is told to stop the show at anytime (if he feels the time is right, that's ok for you ) but only using his intuition. 100% FREE CHOICE
The mentalist sets the clock with a prediction time, puts the clock in a bag and leaves it in full view of his audience on a stand. He never touch the clock again! NEVER !
At any given moment the spectator stops the show.
When he does, he is asked to come on stage, check the time and write it on a whiteboard.
As a finale to the show you ask him to come onstage , remove the clock from the bag and call out the time you set it to at the beginning of the show.
It is the exact time your spectator has written on the whiteboard*
(*Please note the whiteboard and phone is not included!)

✔️The clock is Remote Controlled from your phone (Android version only)
✔️The clock comes with Rechargeable batteries.
✔️Your phone and the clock is connected via Bluetooth. The software shows the level of batterie of the clock , the status of the connection (connected , disconnected) ,
✔️ The Application for controlling the clock is included and free, easy to install it on your phone
✔️Your phone vibrates so you can know if the system works correctly
✔️You can do this effect yourself or with an off stage Assistance
✔️Remember !! Performer never touches the clock once its in the bag !!
✔️Great for Almost any performing situation
✔️Very Easy to perform
✔️Fantastic for a finale revelation in your show.

We send worldwide , you can pay us with PayPal.
Price : 450 euros including shipping worldwide
The pack Includes : one clock , rechargeable batteries , cd with software for your android phone , cable to recharge the batteries


I can't wait to use it over the shows that are coming the next weeks and run test it and I will come back to let you know how it plays in the long run.


Message: Posted by: rowland (Sep 22, 2016 04:36PM)
Can't see how this is better than Paul Stockmans version which sold for a lot less and had less to go wrong. Bluetooth can be unreliable.
Message: Posted by: LoveKey1988 (Sep 22, 2016 06:06PM)
You should never remove the batteries from your spectators. There might be some legal issues after. :P
Message: Posted by: Harrismatic (Sep 24, 2016 03:36PM)
[quote]On Sep 22, 2016, rowland wrote:
Can't see how this is better than Paul Stockmans version which sold for a lot less and had less to go wrong. Bluetooth can be unreliable. [/quote]

Well, I suppose you talk about psyclock. If so, I feel that it is obvious why this is a major improvement for a bigger price of course, but you get what you pay at the end.

Wizard clock is totally versatile and uninspectable . You do not need to touch the watch, not even go close to it during the performance at any point. The watch can hang on stage being totally isolated from the performer. It can be utilised by an assistant too, so you are completely clean and free from movements.

Bluetooth is not unreliable. It is no coincidence that the big majority of electronic gimmicks that are coming out uses bluetooth. Bluetooth does not have the restrictions of the classic remote controlled technologies used in gimmicks in the past, in which a very small obstacle in the space between the gimmick and the remote control could block the connection.

Also, being able to control it with the phone saves the mess and the need to carry a ton of gimmicks in your set up. At the end, if you could have a show in which all the electronics you decide to use can be controlled via a phone device, you would need less assistants and everything would "pack flatter". Even the fact that you know the level of the batteries in the clock is significant. When using a device that needs batteries, but does not consume much energy like a clock, over and over, you tend to forget to change them when it is needed considering that they have much energy left.

And I could have said more things but the basic things is what you want at the end. Those gimmicks can be used in theatre performances with big audience where it is important to be accurate every time and never fail. Also, in big shows you may always try to find the extra update that will hype the act and remove all suspicions away leaving the audience cueless.

Just my thoughts.

Message: Posted by: dooblehorn (Nov 11, 2016 01:11PM)
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Message: Posted by: Christopher Taylor (Nov 11, 2016 06:52PM)
Interesting timing. You have managed to duplicate Alakazam's Psyclock 2 perfectly (other than the bluetooth), just as it is about to be shipped. You really need to talk to Mr. Peter Nardi, I think.



Christopher Taylor